best kratom for the gym

Protein bars, smoothies, shakes, and snacks line both grocery and natural food stores, each of them promising you better and more sustained energy for your gym workouts.

But what if there was another substance, besides extra protein, that could help you with your squats, kettlebell lifts, or cardio? It’s called kratom, and it’s actually the leaf of a particular tree that grows in Southeast Asia. Kratom has many interesting properties that make it perfect for taking it before you go to the gym. It’s stimulating, energizing, and some strains can also be used for a post-workout relaxation. Read on to discover so many more benefits to kratom!

Using Kratom for Weight Loss

Thousands of us join gyms to get rid of that extra jiggle around the middle! Whether you’d like to lose 5 pounds or 50, using kratom can help you achieve your weight loss goals sooner.

How can kratom help with weight loss? Some strains work as an appetite suppressant. The two alkaloids present in kratom – mitragynine and 7-hydrozymitragynine – work together to keep you from reaching for that second helping. When you’re not as hungry, you’ll naturally eat fewer calories and shed some pounds naturally. As a beneficial side effect, kratom doesn’t make your stomach feel sour or cause your mouth to feel metallic or your throat to be dry. You simply are inclined to eat less.

Kratom also helps reduce your cravings. It especially works on fats, sugars, and refined carbohydrates. If your weight gain culprits have been bread, chocolate, and candy, this would work for you! Any strain of kratom helps with cravings.

When using kratom for weight loss and a regular gym schedule simultaneously, make sure that you keep a food diary and you’re getting enough calories. You wouldn’t want to eat so little that your body weakens in the middle of a workout.

Best Kratom Strains to Help with Appetite Suppression


These strains, especially the green and white vein varieties, are stimulating and energetic, so they also help suppress your appetite.

Maeng Da

White vein strains of Maeng Da will also curb those cravings, although they’re not as stimulating as the Thai strains.

Kratom for Energy

Yes, you can absolutely use kratom to help boost your energy and extend your gym workouts. This is when you’ll appreciate this ethnobotanical’s side effects the most. There are three main types of kratom strains: the red, green and white veins. The white vein strains are the most energetic, stimulating, and give you a lot of confidence, too. You can mix strains together to boost the properties of other vein colors. We suggest you start with a low dose of a white strain and then add a bit of green. Here are the best kratom strains for energy at the gym:

White Malaysia

This white strain of Malaysia Kratom will give you a stimulating burst of energy for the first few hours, which is perfect for a hard morning workout. It then settles into a more relaxing sedation. Start with a low dosage first, and read more about dosing below.

White Vein Indo

The Indo kratom strains, so named because they come from Indonesia, are some of the most popular. White Vein Indo is potent and powerful, the most stimulating of the strains from Indonesia. In addition to giving you enough energy for your CrossFit workout of the day, it also provides pain relief. So, you won’t feel those sore muscles; at least, not as quickly!

Green or White Thai

Thai Kratom has become very popular for those who enjoy its energetic effects. It has a different alkaloid profile than other kratoms, so you’re advised to try a low dose of either green or white strain, and then create your own blend. Some users also report it helps counterbalance depression. You’ll feel better from the hormones from exercising as well.

Green or White Maeng Da

First popularized as a ‘working man’s helper’ throughout Southeast Asia, Maeng Da originally comes from Indonesia. Some kratom users prefer other types of kratom, so Maeng Da has fallen in popularity, but it’s still a very potent and stimulating plant.

The Mitragyna speciosa kratom tree is related to the coffee tree, so you’ll see the same boost of energy as you’d get from caffeine in coffee beans. However, Maeng Da Kratom doesn’t come with the same side effects like sweating. Both the green and white strains are effective. Try starting with a low dose. The white strain is good for pain, too, like most white strains of kratom. It will give you both physical energy and mental energy, as well as the ability to focus on your gym workouts.

Kratom Dosages for Going to the Gym

What about dosages? When you take your protein powder or natural energy supplements, the dosage is right on the package and makes the directions easy to follow. Kratom, however, does not offer any dosages when you receive your package. So, how do you know how much to take?

The general rule of thumb is to begin with a fairly low dosage of kratom, which is between 1 and 2 grams. Use a kitchen scale to help you measure. After you’ve tried that and felt the effects, then you can move the dosage up a gram at a time. Most kratom users who want the full feeling of energy for their gym workouts use between 2 and 5 grams. It’s not recommended that you go over 7 grams in a dose. As with any other substance, natural or otherwise, use caution and proceed both carefully and slowly. Your perfect dosage depends on how your particular body responds to it.


Using kratom in the mornings in a tea or other type of dosage will give you excellent energy for your entire workout session. Depending on the strain, it can also help suppress your appetite, so you lose even more weight. Kratom turns your time at the treadmill into a pleasant and effective experience. You’ll start experiencing the results both in how your body looks – and how you feel.