different color kratom strains

People are often confused on which strains of kratom they should take. This is easy to understand considering the variety of strains and varying colors that are available on the market.

This article should give you a basic understanding of the differences between the separate kratom strains, the regions in which they’re grown and the color of their veins. You’ll learn why some are fast acting and others are not. Why some have powerful pain-relieving properties and others are more suitable to give you energy.

We will first look at the three primary colors for kratom and how they’re different.  Then we will cover the various regions from where kratom is grown and inspect the similarities and differences between them.  Lastly, we will discuss specific strains within these classifications to help give you a good baseline of what to expect.

Let’s begin.

Different Color Kratom Strains

Kratom is typically categorized into three primary colors–red, white or green.  I know what you are thinking.  Aren’t all kratom leaves green?  Well…sort of.

While most kratom leaves and powder generally look green at first glance, the color classification is actually dependent upon the color of the stem and veins that run through the individual plant leaves.

Upon close examination of a kratom plant, you can see that there are indeed varying colors detectable on these portions of the leaf.  It is this color that determines the effect the kratom leaf will have on the user.

Each color provides a different effect, however subtle or distinct, due to the differing chemical composition of the alkaloids within the respective type.

This is due to several reasons including, the beginning origins of the strain, the location from where the plant is being grown, the weather climate during that particular season, the growing and harvesting methods of the growers and any number of additional variables that may be relevant.

As such, red, white and green vein varieties have developed their own unique profiles of varying qualities.  Let’s take a look at each kratom strain now to get a better idea of its effects.

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Red Vein

Red vein kratom is the most heavily used of all the strains–accounting for approximately half of all kratom sales.  This is due mostly to the sheer volume of red vein kratom that is available.  The red kratom plants grow more abundantly than white and green vein varieties and often produce larger harvests.  This variety seems to be very resilient and can survive in various environments, unlike some other kratom strains.

The red vein variety of kratom plants are commonly known for their pain-relieving and sedating qualities–making them an excellent choice as a sleep aid or for physical pain-management.  Their ability to relax muscles and regulate physical pain has led to kratom being used as a replacement to harsh pharmaceutical drugs.  Higher doses can be used to combat opium addiction as well.  Of course, lower dosages can provide some stimulation but red kratom is generally used for more relaxed experiences.

Within the all-encompassing category of red veins, there are various strains that offer notable differences in effect.  Strains such as the Red Horned or Red Borneo may work great as a sedative, while a strain like the Red Vein Bali may provide mood enhancement.  Red Vein Maeng Da is also known for increasing energy, so it is important to understand the differences between the strains.  As with all kratom, the effects are very dose dependent.

White Vein

White kratom strains are most commonly associated with stimulation and mood enhancement.  Some users claim that a good white strain can be as effective as a cup of coffee at increasing energy and focus.  This makes it a good choice for accomplishing tasks and should generally not be consumed late in the day.  Of course, the quality and dose of the strain will have some impact on this.

Another quality of white vein kratom is the long duration of its effects.  While some red veins may loose their punch after 4 hours or so, it is not uncommon for a white strain to provide effects for 8 hours or more.

Green Vein

If red kratom is for relaxation and white kratom gives you energy, then green vein kratom strains fall somewhere in between.  Some people may even like to mix a green strain with a red or white strain to tailor the experience to their individual needs.  This can take some trial and error but could be worth looking into if you have yet to find a good combination that works for you.

Green strains are known for being more mild in nature and are generally great for everyday activities or anyone new to kratom.  Some may find that this type of kratom works great for going out or for socializing, as it can provide some anxiolytic and/or mood enhancing properties.

Different Regions of Kratom Strains

Kratom is also commonly classified by the region form where it is grown.  The majority of it originates from Southeast Asia but there are a few strains that can grow elsewhere, such as Africa.

Each region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc..) has unique atmospheric, geological and various other properties that makes the Mitragyna Speciosa grown there appear distinct from others.  Let’s take a look…


Thai Kratom is known to have a positive impact on the general mood and can be beneficial at low doses. Its uplifting abilities is just one of the reasons why it’s a good caffeine alternative for increased productivity.

The mix of energetic and relaxant effects of the kratom plant has led to plenty of speculations. One of them is that it helps to improve focus. This could very well lead to heightened awareness which needless to say, comes in really handy in a busy workplace environment.

Although the plant seems to have some qualities that help with pain relief too, the Thai Kratom strain doesn’t appear to be the best one in this category. Still, it might just give you enough of an energy boost to push through the pain and continue with your daily tasks.


Malay Kratom is a kratom strain that grows in Malaysia. It has a similar energetic effect to the Thai Kratom strain. However, there are more differences than similarities between the two.

The Malay Kratom can have euphoric effects even when taken in low doses. It can also act as a sedative if taken in large quantities; this means that the Green Malay Kratom still has mood enhancing qualities.

It may not be an ideal product to take while working because it’s arguably the strongest strain of kratom, the effects set in quickly and last longer. It’s interesting that although it is an aggressive strain, Green Malay Kratom doesn’t seem to do much for relieving pain, much like the Thai Kratom.


The Bali kratom strains are native to Indonesia but grow all over Southeast Asia.  They are usually amongst the cheaper strains available and are widely used.  It is rather subtle in its effects as compared to other leafs.

Bali kratom does not produce overwhelming sedation like some stronger strains.  It is known to produce a light, relaxing effect coupled with an increase in energy.  Effects usually come on fast and do not last more than a few hours.  Appetite suppression has also been contributed to its use – many have found it useful for studying sessions.


There are many people who classify kratom as an opioid. Despite of this, Indo Kratom is a strain that shows great promise in helping people who deal with withdrawal. It provides just enough of an energy boost to fight off fatigue.

At the same time, stronger doses can also help with relaxation. Indo Kratom is also one of the best pain-relieving strains of kratom, but doesn’t seem to have a significant effect on changing one’s mood.

However, the analgesic effect is not only powerful, it is also long-lasting. Where Thai or Malay kratom strains are a bit more uplifting, Indo Kratom takes a more curative approach. It’s safe to say that this is not a caffeine replacement like most other kratom strands but it does help out in more dire situations.


Sumatran Kratom is grown in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra. It contains three powerful and quite different strains of kratom:  a red vein, a white vein and a green vein variety.

Red vein is quite powerful. Even in low to medium doses, mood-lifting and stress-relieving effects can last up to 10 hours. It can also help with sleeping disorders when not taken in combination with coffee.

White vein works differently. In some cases, its effects are energizing, while in other cases they are relaxing. It depends on dosage and also on the individual.

Green vein Sumatran kratom is well balanced. It provides stress relief, improves the mood, it’s particularly calming overall. It also lasts almost as long as the Red Vein strain.


The Vietnamese Kratom strain isn’t as new as you may think. Although its popularity has been on the rise for only a few years, this plant has been used for hundreds of years as an analgesic and an energy booster.

Because it grows in an area situated on the Mekong River, the Vietnamese Kratom grows in rich conditions. It contains plenty of minerals and has significant alkaloid differences when compared to other kratom strains.

The main use of Vietnamese Kratom is for pain relief. It is quite powerful even if it doesn’t last as long as Red Vein strains. In some cases, this strain is also used to treat depression.

It provides enough of an energy boost without being overpowering. It offers some clarity of thought and heightened focus but in a much smoother rate. It may not be the most potent kratom strain but it is one of the most balanced.


The Borneo Kratom strain is very potent. It has a high concentration of alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine which gives it sedating qualities and an analgesic effect. Although it can do both, the Borneo Kratom leans a bit more towards sedation.

Constant use has proven to have a very relaxing effect. Some argue that this is actually why the Borneo Kratom works as an analgesic, because it causes a state of deep relaxation while not actually dealing with the pain.

That being said, all kratom strains have a bit of an analgesic quality, so the Borneo Kratom is not at all different. It is also used in dealing with anxiety and stress. It should still be mostly consumed at home as the sedating effect might not help the user handle working on important tasks.

One quality it doesn’t share with some of the other kratom strains is clearly that of an energy booster. This strain will not replace your caffeine needs.

Popular and Rare Strains

Some kratom variety have garnered a strong following due either to their efficacy or their rarity –  sometimes both. Either way, the following list of Mitragyna Speciosa leafs are generally sought after by veteran and rookie enthusiasts alike.

Maeng Da

Maeng Da kratom strains are sought after for their high alkaloid content.  This strain has been engineered to be more potent and botanically more stable than other types of kratom.  Maeng Da powder is usually distinctly more green than other leafs and doesn’t require as high a dose.

Its effects are mostly stimulating and not best-suited for pain-relief or sedation.  This strains strength comes from its mood-enhancing and energizing properties.  Users have documented up to 6 hours of  “clean energy” from one moderate dose of Maeng Da.  The cognitive effects have even been described as nootropic.


The Bentuangie Kratom is a red vein kratom strain so it shares some of the characteristics. However, this is probably one of the slowest acting strains of kratom.

It has some analgesic properties although most people use it for its relaxing qualities. The effect is slow but it is progressive. You will feel better and better, and not fall into a sudden state of relaxation as you might from using white vein or green vein strains.

It can also act as a mood stimulant although the results might not be as impressive as you think. There’s no guarantee that being overly relaxed would make you feel happier. Sometimes this can interfere with your tasks so your mood might stay the same.

Hulu Kapuas

Hulu Kapuas kratom is a white vein strain of kratom. Because of this, it is very rare and its origin is still unknown. As a derivation of multiple strands, the Hulu Kapuas kratom shares some interesting properties with other potent strains.

For instance, its energy-boosting quality is not only long-lasting, but fast acting as well. It also acts as a fast analgesic that doesn’t put you to sleep. This is one of the best strands at achieving balance between sedation and pain relieving.

A common side effect is a mild euphoric state. Even in smaller doses, the Hulu Kapuas kratom might keep you in a state of slight euphoria for up to three hours. However, the energy boost lingers on after the euphoria goes away.

Which Kratom Strain is Right For You?

Determining the kratom strain that is most appropriate for you is dependent upon your personal preferences and particular situation.  This can be complicated to figure out early on because the effects vary so much within the same strain color, but it does get easier as time goes by.  After a little trial and error, you will be able to identify the strains that work for you and how to use them properly.

The phrase ‘pick your poison’ applies to using kratom very well. While kratom products are positive natural supplements, you need to choose the strain carefully before you start using. Some strains are well-balanced but most of them seem to target certain issues.

The same strain that helps you ease away the pain and deal with stress, won’t give you the energy boost you need to get on with your daily tasks. And, the opposite is also true. Whether you’re looking at kratom as a caffeine substitute, an alternative painkiller, or a sleeping aid, you should be very clear on what you need in order to choose the strain that meets your requirements.

While we have done our best to sum up the characteristics for the primary kratom strains in this article, the only way to know which ones will work for you is to go out and try a bunch of different strains.  A great way to do this is to order a kratom sample pack from a proper vendor.  You can buy yours right here.