bali kratom strain

The Bali kratom strain is named after the area from where it was originally grown, the island province of Bali in Indonesia.  However, over time, the strain has spread to other areas of Southeast Asia and beyond.  It’s mainly grown in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia nowadays and is widely available locally and online.

Bali kratom is easy to produce and is one of the cheapest varieties available on the market, making it one of the most sought-after of all the kratom strains.  There can be occasional quality issues because of this, which is why you should always buy kratom from a trusted and reliable vendor.

Some of its distinctive properties include having dark leaves and highly analgesic and sedating effects.  When consumed at lower doses, Bali kratom is said to produce a significant boost in energy and is fairly fast acting.  The strain is also well balanced when it comes to alkaloid content and may have some specific alkaloids not found in other popular strains.  Alkaloid content in this strain is estimated to about 0.5% by volume.

The effects of Bali kratom are often noticeable within 15 – 30 minutes and last up to 4 hours.  How long the effects of the drug last will be affected by a number of factors such as your metabolism, body weight, biochemistry and your sensitivity to kratom in general.  A few users have reported that the effects only lasted up to 3 hours.  It’s however important to note that dosage also plays a major role in the effects you get and how long they will last; more on that later.

Bali Kratom Effects and Uses

  • Relaxation/Reduction in Anxiety:

Bali Kratom is quite subtle compared to other strains, and doesn’t have an overwhelmingly sedative effect.  Users often describe Bali stains as having a relaxing effect which can be useful in combating anxiety and stress.

  • Pain Relief:

In addition to mood enhancement, Bali kratom is quite popular for its pain-relieving properties as well. It works impressively as a natural painkiller, which some people have successfully used as an alternative to the conventional pharmaceutical.

  • Appetite Suppression:

This property seems to be common across many kratom strains, but it tends to come out much stronger in the Bali variants.  Thai farmers historically chewed Bali strains to allow them to work long hours, finding the appetite suppression properties to be quite effective at increasing the ability to focus.

Popular Bali Varieties

Bali kratom strains were initially distinguished by names such as “Premium Bali Kratom” and “Super Bali Kratom”.  That was the norm for a while, but most people prefer to distinguish them by vein type now.  With that in mind, here are the three primary colors of Bali kratom available for sale:

1.  Green Vein Bali

Green vein Bali is quite similar to the red vein but less sedating and analgesic.  Its potency is also slightly lower than its red counterpart, but it happens to be the most popular Bali strain. Green vein Bali can be a good option for anyone who needs to relieve anxiety and pain but doesn’t want high levels of sedation.

2.  Red Vein Bali

Red vein Bali is another popular variety thanks to its much sought after effects which include relaxation, analgesia and anxiety relief.  This variety is fairly potent and remains consistent throughout the season.

3.  White Vein Bali

This variety combines pain relieving, relaxation, and energy boosting properties, but it tends to be less potent compared to the red and green vein.  High-quality white vein Bali is hard to come by, but when you do, you will definitely appreciate the effort.

Bali Kratom Dosage Recommendation

As you would expect with any kratom strain, there is no single dosage recommendation that accommodates everyone.  You need to do some experimenting to determine your “sweet spot”.  Having said that, it’s important to note that anything 1 to 2.5 grams of Bali Kratom will produce light effects while 2 to 4 grams is considered moderate. Anything in the regions of 6 grams is considered a high dose and should probably be left to experienced Kratom users.

Generally, the amount of Bali Kratom you should consume will depend on what you want to achieve.  If you need to relieve pain, consider taking slightly larger doses — 4 to 6 grams should do.  If you’re simply looking to increase your energy or lightly lift your mood, you might want to consider smaller doses of 4 grams or less.  For those looking for coffee-like stimulant effects, consider sticking to 1-2 grams.

As always, there are a number of factors that will influence how strong and how long the kratom effects will last.  This includes your body composition, how much you’ve eaten, the quality of the kratom, and the method of consumption. Good quality kratom is more likely to produce long-lasting effects at a minimal dose.

If you really want elevated effects of pain relieving and mood enhancing, you might want to experiment with doses of between 6 to 8 grams. It’s however important to note that high doses of over 8 grams can elicit issues with tolerance and some unpleasant side effects.  At higher dosage rates, you might experience feelings of nausea and vomiting as well, so be warned.

One of the things to note about Bali Kratom is that it’s quite sensitive to dosage than other strains. Exceeding a certain dose might elicit some negative reactions depending on your sensitivity. Some of the most common effects include lose of focus, nausea, and jitters.  It’s important to note that sides effects will almost always happen only when you exceed the recommended dosage.


That’s pretty much all you need to know about Bali Kratom.  Hopefully we have given you a good idea of what to expect. It’s one of the most popular strains in the kratom community and fairly affordable compared to other strains.  Bali effects are relevant  for anxiety, pain relief, mood enhancement and even appetite suppression; just make sure to use an appropriate dosage.