green vein kratom strain

Green vein kratom varieties are often considered the most well-balanced of all the kratom strains and are easily recognizable by the green colored vein that runs through the center of their leaves.

Generally known to have moderate effects with both sedating and stimulating properties, the green vein strains can be considered a natural hybrid of white and red vein kratom types.  This makes them a good all-around variety with analgesic as well as mood enhancing properties associated with their use.

Most users report that the green varieties of Mitragyna Speciosa enhances concentration and focus, and is often a more efficient stimulant compared to the red and white variants.

Other common effects include reduced sensitivity to pain, long lasting energy, enhance mood and increased productivity.

Some users describe the enhanced mood as feelings of euphoria. This is the reason some users have successfully used kratom to combat depression and anxiety. Like most strains, using the right dosage is the key to getting the best-desired effects.

Primary Effects and Uses of Green Kratom Strains

  • Analgesic Properties:

The green vein variety, as you may already know, has adequate pain relieving qualities but they are not going to be as effective as a red vein in this regard.  While the red kratom strains might have more powerful pain relieving properties, many people still prefer to use a green strain because they don’t produce the extreme sedation that reds often do.

  • Cognitive Enhancement:

Green vein kratom is also known to enhance cognitive performance.  The strains in this category are great at increasing mental sharpness and clearing brain fog and are widely used to combat memory loss, as well as improving concentration and focus.

  • Stimulation/Energy:

As earlier mentioned, green vein kratom is an impressive energy booster. People who suffer from unnecessary lethargy and low energy levels have found it to be very useful. Coffee might give you some bursts of energy to kick-start your day, but the effects are often short-lived. As a matter of fact, many people have replaced coffee with green kratom in their daily routine because its energizing effects are longer lasting than that of coffee.

  • Anxiolytic Effects:

Green vein kratom has an inherent capability to combat anxiety and stress thanks to its anxiolytic qualities that enhance the user’s mood. The variety promotes positive feelings and thoughts in users and helps them to feel motivated. Individuals suffering from social anxiety have found these strais very helpful.

Popular Green Vein Varieties & Their Characteristics

Green vein kratom is quickly gaining popularity in the kratom community due to its well balanced and beneficial properties that don’t usually leave users with feelings of fatigue or extreme sedation.

There are various types of Green Kratom strains which differ based on their origin and have slight variations in their effects and properties.  Some of the most common strains include Green Borneo, Thai Green, Green Indo, Green Malaysian and Green Sumatra, named after their place of origin respectively.

Most kratom vendors will stock a selection of varieties so you can buy the kratom that is most appropriate for you. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular green vein kratom varieties available for sale.

1. Green Vein Malay

Green Vein Malay is considered the longest lasting green variety. People who have used Green Malay report that it has powerful nootropic (cognitive enhancing) effects such as increased concentration and focus.  Malay was the original green variety right after the plant was labeled as “Premium” and “Super.”  It perfectly combines good pain relief with mild stimulation effects and can be quite long lasting.

2. Green Vein Borneo

Green Vein Borneo is a moderate strain that boost’s user’s energy in addition to providing mental clarity. It might be a little more sedating compared to Malay, but it’s actually quite an incredible strain. Borneo kratom generally tends to be quite potent. It perfectly combines the effective pain-relieving effects and mental stimulation to give just the best experience with very minimal side effects. If you’re looking for strong relieving properties in kratom, you should give this strain a try.

3. Green Vein Indo

Similar to the Malay, Green Indo has long-lasting effects. The strain provides feelings of ecstasy and boosts your energy even more than most other green varieties. In general, the quality of Indo is less subtle compared to Borneo, but still very powerful. The quality and effects of green vein kratom vary from one strain to another, but they are all valuable and can all give you the best of both worlds.

Green Vein Kratom Usage Guide

When it comes to using particular strains, it’s important that you keep in mind factors such as your personal sensitivity to the product as well as the strength rating of the strain. Green vein kratom strains are generally the most potent meaning you will typically need a small amount to achieve the desired results.

For most users, 1 to 3 grams is a light dose, while 3 to 5 grams forms a perfect middle dose. On the other hand, 5-10 grams tends to be a reserve of experienced kratom users. So when you are just starting out, keep your dosage at 1 gram per day on the start day. You can gradually increase the dosage to 3 grams per day as you observe the effects. If you need intensive effect, you can try 5 grams per day.

As you’re likely aware, Mitragyna Speciosa is a natural herb that is generally not harmful. It is, however, advisable to always use the lowest effective dosage possible to avoid building a tolerance or dependency to it.  Additionally, higher doses could elicit some unpleasant side effects such as headaches or nausea. If you’re just in for the energizing effects, for instance, a dosage of 2 to 3 grams per day should be enough.

As with most kratom products, lower dosages will give stimulating effects, but larger doses tend to produce more sedative, calming properties. So you might want to do a little experimenting over time with different strains to find the right dosage for you.


As you can see, green vein kratom presents a perfect balance of energy-boosting and cognitive enhancement effects without the negative side effects associated with analgesic drugs.  It’s also an excellent option for users looking for a balance between the white and red vein kratom varieties.  For starters, always ensure that you sample as many varieties as you can get find what works best for you.  And as a rule of thumb, always start with smaller doses.