ultra enhanced indo kratom

Ultra Enhanced Indo is a potent brand of kratom that is essentially an indonesian kratom strain that has been enhanced with a concentrated extract powder.  While all kratom varieties are beneficial in their own right, Ultra Enhanced Indo has a high concentration of alkaloids which can enhance the effects dramatically.  The term enhanced here refers to the additives that were used to make the strain more effective.  In general, Ultra Enhanced Indo varieties have roughly 1500mg of alkaloids added to the existing kratom strain.

How it is Made

Almost all Ultra Enhanced vendors tend to be fairly secretive and proprietary about their exact procedure, however, there is a general method that most manufacturers use to create an enhanced blend.  The first step involves creating a potent kratom extract.  Choosing the right strain is important and will ultimately affect how the blend turns out.

After the extract has been created, it’s thoroughly mixed into a solvent followed by the addition of an Indonesian kratom strain.  The ratio between the extract and regular kratom powder is certainly very important — too much or too little extract can significantly change the spectrum and potency effects.

Effects and Benefits of UEI Kratom

We’ve established that enhanced kratom blends are very potent, but UEI kratom also seems to produce a broader range of effects than more conventional forms of Mitragyna Speciosa.  Here are some of the signature effects you can get from using Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom:

  • Sedation:

Ultra enhanced Indo tends to produce more powerful sedating effects compared to ones produced by other conventional Indo strains.  The most common strain used as the base extract is the Green Vein Indo which offers stronger sedation experience.  The UEI kratom is also a good sleep aid and it has been used by people with sleep-related disorders such as insomnia.

  • Mood Enhancement:

Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom is good mood enhancer and you can achieve mood elevation even with moderate doses. Apart from brightening and lightening the mood, some users have reported strong feelings of euphoria.

  • Cognitive Enhancement:

UEI kratom helps in improving the cognitive functions of the brain.  These nootropic effects may include improved thinking process, mental efficiency, and memory among others.  For this reason, you will find this strain common among students, business people, entrepreneurs and others looking for an edge.

  • Treatment of Fatigue:

The Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom has a capability to energize the body.  You can use it as coffee to kick – start your day on a strong note or take it mid-day to rejuvenate your energy levels.  This enhanced strain is pretty much perfect for use at any time of the day, but just like coffee, you probably shouldn’t use it close to your sleeping hours.

UEI Kratom Dosage

The higher concentration of alkaloids in the UEI kratom means that you only need a relatively small amount to achieve your desired effects.  If you consume too much your mind ends up experiencing some undesired effects such as dizziness and nausea.  It’s highly recommended that first-time users begin with the ordinary plain leaf kratom first before trying out the enhanced strains due to their intensive effects.

As with any other kratom strain, the exact dosage amount for UEI kratom varies from person to person.  Generally, you can feel the Ultra Enhanced Indo effects with doses as low as 0.25g and strong effects with doses as low as 1g.  If you’re a first time user, consider starting your dosage between 0.25g and 0.5g and experiment within this range until you find your desired effect.

Unless you’re very experienced with UEI kratom, it’s recommended that your keep your dosage below 2g at all times. Basically, less is more when it comes to UEI kratom.  So keep your dosage levels within the mild and moderate levels of 0.5g to 1g.

Bottom Line

The concentrated and robust nature of UEI kratom has made it the most preferred among people who are cautious about kratom tolerance build up.  The UIE is used sparingly in small amounts, therefore, limiting chances of developing dependence and tolerance.  You can also mix it with other regular strains to even out some of the negative effects they produce.  In general, Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom provides a more reliable, consistent and invigorating experience.