maeng da kratom strain

Maeng Da kratom is an engineered strain of Mitragyna Speciosa that has been modified to enhance its levels of alkaloid content by volume.  It is more stable than traditional strains and better equipped to adapt to adverse or seasonal weather changes.  Maeng Da trees tend to have darker leaves than other kratom trees which, when crushed or turned to powder, are greener than the original species.

The strain originates from Thailand and was first named after a delicate species of water bug native to the country.  Thai natives have historically consumed the Maeng Da leaves to allow them to work harder and longer hours with little discomfort or pain.   When translated to English, Maeng Da means “Pimp.”  This explains why some vendors may refer to this strain as “Pimp Grade” kratom.

Maeng Da is a relatively new strain in the industry, but still, most kratom users have significant experience with it or have at least heard of it.  It happens to be one of the most sought-after strains at the moment and is known for being extremely stimulating and potent in its effect.  In fact, it is wildly praised for being the strongest kratom strain available.  Whether it is or not is a matter of popular opinion.

Maeng Da Kratom Effects and Uses

When taken in small to medium dosages, Maeng Da can be very stimulating and produce feelings of alertness, vigilance and wakefulness.  Maeng Da could assist users to boost their productivity and minimize fatigue when studying, working or participating in other draining exercises. There are also reports of mood enhancement which makes users feel a general sense of euphoria and contentment.

Its cerebral effects are often compared to those of cognitive enhancers or nootropics such as piracetam or phenibut.  Some users say that Maeng Da gives them a positive mental state and makes them more enthusiastic about life. Some people use it as an antidepressant or to boost their ambition and mental drive.  Many users report that this strain helps improve their concentration and attention and enables them to process more information with little effort.

Here is a broader view of some common Maeng Da effects:

  • Stimulation:

As already mentioned, stimulation is the primary effect experienced by most Maeng Da users.  The mental-physical stimulation doesn’t come with side effects such as jitters and discomfort associated with caffeine and other stimulants.  For this reason, Maeng Da kratom has been denoted by many as a “clean stimulant”.

  • Analgesia:

In addition to stimulation, this variety seems to offer decent analgesia for those suffering from chronic pain.  This strain is not particularly ideal for relieving pain; however, it can be great for anyone experiencing moderate pain but can’t withstand the sedative effects of conventional pain medication.

  • Psychological Effects:

Significant mood-lifting is another pronounced effect of Maeng Da kratom which has contributed to its popularity. It’s important to be careful about dosage when using this strain specifically for this purpose because users who don’t watch their dose tend to develop tolerance and become disappointed over time.

Maeng Da Kratom Side Effects

Being one of the strongest strains, there are high chances of Maeng Da users developing side effects if they are not careful. Most of the side effects actually tend to occur when the user consumes high doses for an extended period of time or becomes extremely dependent on Maeng Da.

One of the effects is feeling anxious or jittery as a result of its energizing effects.  Similar to coffee, this can only happen if you take large amounts, and the severity varies from person to person.  A few users have noted that the euphoric effects can lead to nausea, again if consumed in large doses. Other users have experienced mild incidences of dizziness, lightheadedness, lethargy and trouble sleeping.

The above-named effects are not far from normal and tend to clear off after a short time, but it’s important to emphasize that they only occur when Maeng Da Kratom is taken in large amounts higher than the recommended dosage. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to start on the lower end of the dosage recommendations and adjust accordingly as you record your body’s reaction.

Maeng Da Kratom Dosage Recommendation

Due to the high alkaloid concentration in this strain, you will likely use about 20 percent less Maeng Da compared to other strains to achieve similar results. Most people achieve their desired results with as little as 2 grams. Consuming over 8 grams is likely to produce sedative effects which might make you feel sleepy, comforted and lessen pain symptoms. But at these higher rates, you are also likely to experience side effects that might include dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness.

Maeng Da powder tends to last longer in the body system, sometimes as much as 8 hours. The standard recommended dosage rate for Maeng Da kratom is 3-5 grams, but new users should consider starting their dosage at 2 grams or less. If you are particularly new to kratom, consider starting your dosage at 1 gram and work your way up gradually if you don’t experience desired effects. The effects kick in fairly early as most people start to experience them within 10-15 minutes of consumption.

As usual, keep the dosage as low as possible as long as you are experiencing the desired effects. Consuming unnecessarily high amounts can lead to building up of tolerance in addition to the development of side effects. Additionally, always buy your kratom from reliable and reputable vendors who offer pure kratom powder. This will ensure that you get the genuine, finest and best kratom variant which allows you to fully enjoy its benefits.

Generally, lower doses of less than 5 grams will elicit stimulating effects while higher doses are known to produce more sedating effects. The effects of Maeng Da are particularly more pronounced than in other strains and it might be a little overwhelming to some new users at higher doses. So if you’re a first time user, be cautious when determining your appropriate dosage.

Final Thoughts

Some may not realize that Maeng Da varieties are actually available in green, red and white-vein kratom strains–making the Maeng Da variety quite flexible in its use.  Maeng Da offers a unique set of beneficial effects and mode of action when compared to the different kratom strains available. Most users have reported significant levels of sedation, mood enhancement, and stimulation. Overall, the Maeng Da Kratom strain is effective in delivering the desired results and could be the best option for anyone looking to boost their energy, release stress, manage pain and experience euphoria.  As always, responsible use is imperative for positive results so keep that in mind.