Malay Kratom Strain

As is commonly the case with herbal and alternative medicines, there are numerous preconceptions people are susceptible to. When kratom is concerned, people tend to observe it as a “legal high.”

You’re here because you’re probably new to kratom and you’re just trying to grasp all the confusing information available out there.

The first thing you need to know is that there are different strains of kratom, and each one of them is meant to help you in various ways.

There are countless vendors where you can purchase kratom, and in most cases, they will use standard names.


Kratom leaves are commonly identified by using the country the tree is from. If you’re looking to purchase Malay kratom, that means you’re after the leaves that originate from Malaysia. Besides the region where the plant is picked, sometimes there will be a color reference.

If you take Green Vein Indo for an example, we’re talking about a leaf which came from a tree in Indonesia, and the color is obviously green.

A Biology Class

If you’re only getting into the magical world of kratom, perhaps it’s best to become familiar with some background info on this fabulous plant.

Kratom is sometimes referred to as Kratum or Keetum, but it’s officially known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It’s an evergreen tree which comes from the same family as the coffee tree.

It originates from Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Thailand. In those regions, it’s been used as a traditional medicament for several centuries now. People have grown accustomed to using it as a sleep aid or an opioid painkiller, but some may also use it as a recreational drug.

Its leaves are praised for its psychoactive effect. This may range from sedation to stimulation, and sometimes it can even combine these two properties.

The Leaves

There are three different types of kratom leaves and those are red vein, green vein, and white vein leaves. The red ones are the mildest, as they commonly induce sedation. Once the initial rush of energy kicks in, you’ll be relieved by the overall calming effect of the medicament. These are commonly used to relieve pain.

The white and the green ones are completely different, as they are commonly perceived as much more energetic, especially the whites. Green vein leaves are often used to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Those who use green vein kratom commonly claim that it provides much clearer thinking, along with extremely pronounced levels of endurance.

Now that you’re familiar with proper etymology, where does the Malay kratom fit?

The Green Malay

Malay kratom is derived from green vein leaves, so it’s also sometimes referred to as the green Malay kratom or super-green Malay. As you’ve probably realized so far, the superlatives are caused by the fact that the green vein leaves provide some very strong effects.

The effects of the Malay kratom often last longer than other sorts of kratom and quite often they come at a fairly cheap price.

Most people use Malay kratom because of its many similarities to morphine, as it’s very efficient in relieving chronic pain. Those who suffer from medical conditions such as osteoporosis and different sorts of migraine often opt for Malay kratom as an alternative source of relief.

All of these occur mainly due to strong antioxidant properties derived from the substance called Mitragynine. This is a naturally formed alkaloid, which comes in very handy when it comes to increasing your body’s overall immunity.

There are a large number of people suffering from cancer who use Malay kratom as a very efficient natural supplement which sometimes provides much better results than chemotherapy.

If you don’t suffer from such severe medical conditions, you’ll love Malay kratom for its abilities to enhance your mood and boost the quality of your overall health.

Benefits of Malay Strains

When you compare it to other strains, the Malay kratom really does stand out from the crowd. As a stimulant, its effects can be qualified as mild, but on the other hand, it provides generous amounts of energy and strength. It does not come with the analgesic, numbing effect often associated with other popular strains of kratom.

The main benefits of Malay kratom are included here in no particular order:

•  Highly enhanced feeling of motivation

•  Relief from any type of pain

•  Increased motor and sensory function

•  Mood enhancement and positive feelings

•  Dramatically increased amounts of energy

So, if you’re seriously lacking physical strength, determination, and focus, you should give Malay kratom a go. Demanding jobs and stressful environments may also call for a relief, and this alternative medicament may just be the right answer for you.

Mind you, there is no known substance which doesn’t come with some sort of side effects. These may not affect everyone, but still, you should be quite aware of the fact that consuming Mayan kratom may sometimes trigger unwanted responses such as these:

•  Not being able to concentrate

•  Dizziness, often combined with nausea

•  Itchiness

•  Jitters

•  Episodes of excessive sweating

•  Very pronounced hyperactivity

Even though these may seem like a huge turnoff, keep in mind that they tend to occur only when you take Mayan kratom in excessive dosages. Kratom should always be consumed responsibly, in a highly controlled manner.

Also, these side effects can’t really be considered as something dangerous. There are no known cases of death triggered by the consumption of kratom. Still, if you want to make the most out of Malay kratom, proper dosage is the key.

How to Dose Malay Kratom

Whichever strain of kratom you use, there are no set rules, so the same can be said about the green Mayan strain. It all depends on your weight, age, tolerance, and overall body chemistry.

The most common dose is anywhere between 2 and 6 grams if you want to make the best out of it. Unlike other kratom strains, the green Malay tends to work gradually, 3-5 hours after the actual consumption.


The green Malay kratom is one of the most potent strains known to man. Even though it sometimes may be associated with certain side effects, its health benefits usually outweigh these.