red vein kratom strain

Red vein kratom grows wildly in Southeast Asia and is identified by the red coloration of the stem and vein portion of their leaves, not the actual color of the kratom powder.  This strain produces large leaves with potent effects.  In fact, the red kratom produces more plentiful harvests than both white and green-veined kratom strains combined — making them the most common of all kratom strains.

Red vein strains are generally known for their pain-relieving and sedating qualities and are primarily used for those reasons.  However, like all kratom, lighter doses can provide stimulation and/or mood enhancement as well, but there are generally better options out there to tailor those specific qualities.

Since the alkaloids contained in the red vein kratom makes your muscles relaxed and encourages sleep, it’s a good idea to use it during the evening or at night in the restful environment of your home. Using red veined kratom during daytime hours when you have a busy schedule might not be very helpful.  Keep this in mind when searching for kratom strains for sale near you.

Effects & Uses of Red Vein Kratom

In general, most users report commendable results when using these strains to relieve anxiety, pain, restlessness and to help relax muscles.  Here is a look at some of the most common effects and uses of red vein strains:

  • Sleep Aid:

Many red vein kratom users report that it relaxes body muscles and creates a restful atmosphere that can assist in the quality of sleep.  So if you’re feeling fatigued or exhausted but can’t sleep, a red strain might be for you.

  • Stress Relief:

Red Borneo has shown some significant capabilities when it comes to reducing anxiety and stress in some users.  Some have even used it to replace a pharmaceutical prescription in some instances, as it doesn’t come with nearly as many side effects when used responsibly.

  • Anti-Anxiolytic:

Red Bali kratom users report some impressive results about its ability to keep the body and the brain relaxed.  It has found some useful application in patients suffering from anxiety.

  • Mood Enhancement:

Red vein Borneo is said to react with dopamine in the brain to produce feelings of euphoria and relaxation.  It’s also reported to promote positive feelings in users as well as being capable of alleviating depression.

  • Sedation:

Bali red vein kratom is reportedly highly sedative.  This property might be very useful for people suffering from sleep disorders or chronic pain.  Improving sleep patterns can significantly improve the quality of life of some users.

Popular Red Strain Varieties & Their Characteristics

The red vein kratom variety grows natively in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.  Consequently, the variant strains are often named based on their place of origin.  Hence names such as Red Borneo or Red Sumatra.

While all red veins will have similar effects, there are some minor variations that make each strain unique.  For instance, the Red vein Borneo is considered more potent and better at soothing muscle and joint aches, while the Red Maeng Da is more calming but not necessarily the best for sleep aid.  Let’s take a look at the six most popular red kratom strains:

Red Vein Borneo

Red Borneo kratom strain is natively found in the Borneo tropical forests, which happens to be the 3rd largest island in the world. Politically speaking, Borneo is divided between three countries, with Indonesia taking the largest portion. For this reason, Red vein Borneo is sometimes confused with Red Vein Bali, but the Borneo strain is less sedating compared to Bali. Borneo creates a restful feeling without making the user overly drowsy.

Red Maeng Da

The red Maeng Da is native to the dense Thailand forests. The strain contains a large percentage of flavonoids and alkaloids, which makes it quite a potent variety. It has long-lasting soothing and stimulating effects which might help users sleep better at night. Being an energy-boosting strain also makes it a well-rounded red vein.

Red Sumatra

This variety is native to Indonesia in the jungles of Sumatra. Users report that Sumatra is a decent quality strain as it can provide the desired effects in fairly small quantities. The Red Sumatra has been known to elicit feelings of happiness and motivation while relieving stress.

Red Vietnam

This strain closely resembles Red Borneo and provides feelings of euphoria to its users. It has been reported to be one of the most powerful kratom varieties for euphoria.

Red Vein Thai

Red Vein Thai Kratom is one of the most popular strains. Most people take it as an analgesic.  Although it is quite potent, Red Vein Thai Kratom also has its use in alleviating depression and dealing with insomnia. It may also help with mood swings and anxiety issues. Although some regard it as overall being a mild strain of kratom, it’s pain relieving effects are very potent as are its relaxing qualities.

Red Bali Kratom

The Red Bali Kratom is an interesting strain that combines both Sumatra and Borneo strain qualities. It’s a bit easier to farm and thus it’s more affordable. It also has a fast-acting feature that’s a bit uncommon for most kratom strains.

While the effects are not as long lasting as those of Thai Kratom, the Red Bali Kratom is a fast-acting analgesic. It is used to treat the pain and not just relax the body to the point of forgetting about the issue.

The super calming effect kicks in when the Red Bali Kratom is taken in a large dose. However, it’s usually not recommended to take this strain for its calming effects. It’s best suited as a pain reliever because it works fast and it doesn’t need a large dose to do so.

Red Vein Usage Guide

Red vein kratom, like all kratom, is sold in powder form, as capsules, resin, tea and as tincture.  Kratom powder is generally the most popular and convenient form of usage.  When using powder form, you need to be very careful with measurements.

When it comes to kratom dosage, the rule is the same — always start with the smallest dose necessary and gradually increase the dose if you don’t get the desired effects within -3 hours of consumption.  The average recommended dosage for red vein kratom is 2-4 grams. This is also the best amount to start with if you’re a beginner. If there are no effects, you may add 0.5 grams after 30-60 minutes interval.

The exact red vein kratom dosage will depend on why you are taking it. If you are primarily looking to ease anxiety, stress, insomnia, and mood swings, 2-4 grams might be the best.  At this dosage, most people report feelings of tranquility, calm and enhanced mood.

6-8 grams is considered to be on the higher end and should be left to users with some experience.  At this dosage rate, the herb is able to relieve physical pain by interacting with the opiate receptors in the brain.  Doses of this level can feel sedating and are best taken in the safety of one’s home.

Higher doses beyond 10 grams might elicit some unpleasant effects such as nausea, dizziness, tremors, vomiting, double vision, and excessive laziness.  So always start with a small dosage and only increase gradually if you’re not getting the desired effect.  Always allow your system the chance to get used to kratom before changing the dosage abruptly.

Bottom line

If you’re not sure of what red vein kratom to choose, think of the desired effects you’re looking for then use it as a guide to choosing the most appropriate variety.  Regardless the red vein kratom variety that you choose, always use it during calm and low impact activities such as lounging around, listening to music or appreciating nature.