Red Thai Kratom

Red Vein Thai, Red Bali, how can you tell the difference? Everyone understands the obvious differences in origins but very few are able to wrap their heads around why some red vein strains act differently even though they have similar properties.

To start things off, Red Vein Thai is a powerful relaxing strain. Its effects are also somewhat customizable depending on how you take your doses.

To help you better understand what Red Vein Thai is all about, this article will focus on the benefits of this kratom strain under different conditions. We’re setting aside the unique human anatomy component and explaining why increasing and lowering the dose gives you different outcomes than other red vein strains.


Red Vein Thai is a bit different than other Red Vein kratom strains. For instance, it couldn’t be more different than the equally popular Red Vein Bali. The Red Vein Thai offers more energy and it is overall more stimulating than Red Vein Bali.

This doesn’t come as a direct result of the grind or a person’s unique metabolism. It has more to do with hundreds of years of evolution in a different environment. Over the years, the red leaf that grows in Thailand has developed stimulating properties and lost some of its sedating qualities.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of benefits to be gained as a result of taking Red Vein Thai in recommended doses.

Benefits of Red Thai Kratom

The benefits of Red Vein Thai consumption are not unique. You’ll recognize plenty of positive qualities from other strains but it is the way this strain operates in different dosages that make it versatile and suitable for a number of problems.

  • Pain Relief

Contrary to popular belief, Red Vein Thai does have significant analgesic properties. Where it differs from other strains is how that painkiller effect is achieved. Unlike other more potent strains, Red Vein Thai requires as high dose for it to act as an analgesic.

There is, of course, one drawback to doing this; because you have to take a higher dose, it means that all the other effects are also amplified. The sedation and relaxation effects are heightened so, you might end up losing your mental focus.

It is recommended that Red Vein Thai be taken as a painkiller during the late hours of the day. A few hours before you go to sleep should be enough, unless you have important physical tasks to perform.

  • Stimulation

Red Vein Thai is quite stimulating. However, don’t confuse this for a massive energy boost. As the dosage increases, the sedating properties will eventually outweigh the stimulating effect. To get the best balance between stimulation, relaxation, clarity of mind, and pain relief, low doses are required.

  • Mental Focus

While it is not the perfect brain stimulant, Red Vein Thai does have some qualities that help you achieve more focus. Low doses can maintain a good balance between feeling relaxed, uplifted, and sharp enough to perform in activities that challenge the mind.

As the dose increases, this effect is increasingly counteracted by the stimulating properties. If you’re looking for even more focus but also a stronger analgesic, the common recommendation is to either pick a better-balanced strain, or mix Red Vein Thai with something else.

  • Relaxation

It may be last on our list but most people seem to choose Red Vein Thai for its relaxing effect. A medium to high dose taken a few hours before sleep will put you in a deep state of calm. The effect isn’t instant but instead, it intensifies gradually.

This gives the Red Vein Thai notoriety within insomnia groups. It has very few side effects and it’s hard to exceed the dosage anyway. Since it can also help with pain relief and anxiety, Red Vein Thai can be a great natural alternative to over-the-counter medications for sleeping disorders.

There’s also something to be said about stress relief. As a byproduct of total relaxation, this strain also helps you deal with stress accumulated after a long day at work. Too bad it can’t do the same during the day too, but considering it would require a different dose, it’s understandable.

How To – Dosage

Because Red Vein Thai is not very potent, you can take a bit more than you would with other strains. For example, 4 grams is recommended for depression and mood swings. However, this dose can be increased up to 8 grams to also deal with anxiety and stress.

You can take 8 or 9 grams if you also want to benefit from the mild pain relief effect that Red Vein Thai offers. Anything above the 9 grams dose is not advised.

Strain Combination

Sometimes Red Vein Thai is combined with Green Vein Thai or other green vein strains to achieve a balancing effect. While one acts as a sedative, the other acts as a stimulant. Because these directly counteract each other, it means that all the other positive effects become even better.

A big problem with certain strains of kratom stems from targeted qualities of different strains. For instance, what helps with pain relief usually also comes with a sedative effect. This means that you won’t be able to take that particular strain during the day, if you have to focus on a job or certain errands.

Red Thai varieties also have very few side-effects — which is why it reacts better in combination with other strains than say, Red Vein Bali. Combining Red Vein Thai usually requires a ratio of 2:1. You can do this with Maeng Da Kratom or Green Vein Thai, but not both at the same time.


Not all Red Vein kratom strains work the same. They don’t even taste the same so why should they offer the same pros and cons? Red Vein Thai is a unique kratom strain that puts its positive effects to work in an interesting way.

Depending on the dose, you can benefit from different properties more or less. Low doses are more balanced while high doses focus more on relaxation, pain relief, and dealing with stress, anxiety, or sleeping disorders. Kratom works in mysterious ways and we have evolution to thank for this.