Vietnamese Kratom Strain

Vietnamese Kratom has become very popular in Western countries. This strain that grows in some of the richest locations along the Mekong River has been around for thousands of years. Although these days Vietnamese Kratom is illegal in its country of origin, there are still many people who use it for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Here are a couple of things you should know about Vietnamese Kratom and how it compares to other popular strains. This may be the new kid on the block for some, but others have enjoyed its notoriety for centuries.

Benefits of Vietnamese Kratom

Let’s start off by looking at some of the known benefits of the various Vietnamese Kratom strains. You’re probably familiar with some of them as there are quite a few similarities between Vietnamese Kratom and other strains that grow in neighboring countries. That being said, not all of them act as fast or last as long.

  • Increased Focus:

There are strains of kratom around the Asian continent that enhance a person’s mental capacity. While Vietnamese Kratom doesn’t necessarily raise your IQ level, it does help you stay more focused on the task at hand.

Not only that but, the long-lasting effect of certain strains can ensure you’re thinking straight for an entire workday. There isn’t yet any concrete data on if and how Vietnamese Kratom can help improve learning. If we were to guess, having the ability to stay focused for longer periods of time should also positively impact learning.

  • Physical Relaxation:

The potent strains for physical relaxation are very good for people that have trouble sleeping. Insomniacs living in Vietnam may not have the same access to kratom as Westerners but you can be sure many of them still use it when possible.

It’s a cheap and organic way of dealing with muscle fatigue and mental fatigue. What’s even more interesting is that Vietnamese Kratom doesn’t have sedative qualities. This is why you still get the increased mental focus.

  • Energy Boost:

In their own way, all strains of Vietnamese Kratom offer some balance between energy and relaxation. However, some strains will be better than others as caffeine substitutes. Given that the recommended dosage parameters are the same for all strains, you will have to experiment with different quantities before you reach the desired effect.

Once you know how much you need, you can retire your coffee mug. Of course, the energy boost is not just to your physical abilities; Vietnamese Kratom can also help you keep a sharp mind and stay focused on heavy tasks or projects at work.

  • Pain Relief:

One particular strain of Vietnamese Kratom can act as a powerful analgesic when taken in a medium or large dose. It can help with various types of external or internal pains as it is fast acting. Depending on the strain, the effect can also be long lasting. Considering how easy it is to get it these days, Vietnamese Kratom is a nice alternative to over-the-counter medication.

Unlike other types of kratom strains, the Red Vein strain offers pain relief without the sedative effect. This is sometimes a major drawback in some strains as you’re unable to get rid of physical pain without entering a deep state of relaxation that prohibits you from dealing with important tasks or activities for a few hours.

  • Dosage:

The typical dosage recommendation for Vietnamese Kratom is between 4 and 8 grams. Now, remember that this is an approximation; while 8 grams is generally accepted as the highest limit there’s nothing to say that taking less than four grams wouldn’t also have a positive effect.

Of course, the dosage should also be adjusted depending on the strain. As some are more powerful than others you might not need to take anywhere near 8 grams to alleviate your anxiety or to get an energy boost.

Different Varieties

The term ‘Vietnamese Kratom’ is used to refer to any of the four strains that grown in the Vietnam region. Ranked in terms of accessibility and popularity these strains are: Yellow Vein, White Vein, Green Vein, and Red Vein.

Typically all these strains offer quite similar benefits, but there are differences regarding potency, how long the effect lasts, and how quickly it kicks in. Here’s a more detailed look into each Vietnamese Kratom strain.

Yellow Vein

The Yellow Vein Vietnamese strain has a particularly positive effect on people with mood swings. Its uplifting qualities can help with depression, anxiety, and can also help with concentration. It also has an analgesic effect when taken in a large dose but even then, it is not the most potent strain for pain relief.

White Vein

The White Vein strain is the most potent when it comes to energy-boosting properties. It’s a great morning caffeine replacement because its effect kicks in quickly and it’s also quite long lasting. It doesn’t offer too much for pain relief, but there are other strands that can take care of that.

Green Vein

Green Vein is perhaps the most balanced of the four Vietnamese Kratom strains. It has analgesic properties, helps with anxiety relief, and it also provides a small energy boost. Unlike the other three strains, the effects of the Green Vein strain last for a very long time even if you take a small dose.

Red Vein

The Red Vein strain is the most powerful of the four Vietnamese Kratom strains when it comes to pain-relieving qualities. It’s the strongest analgesic when taken in a medium to large dosage. It is also fast acting, which further helps its case.

In terms of energy, even large doses of Red Vein don’t do as much as the other three strains. This is very potent if you’re looking for relaxation and perhaps have sleeping problems.


Vietnamese Kratom is for good reason one of the most popular and accessible kratom plant on the market. Because its use is prohibited by law in Vietnam, it becomes easy for farmers to export the product to Western markets.

Between the availability and beneficial qualities that they offer, Vietnamese Kratom strains can do more good than harm when taken in appropriate dosages.