Yellow Vietnam Kratom Strain

Sometimes it feels like there are too many kratom strains to even bother learning about them or testing them all. Most of them taste poorly and once you get used to how they work, most of them start feeling the same.

If you’re looking for a solution, we’d like to suggest Yellow Vietnam Kratom. This is one of the most popular strains on the rise. It is very potent, long-lasting, and acts like an excellent caffeine replacement.

As with most other kratom strains, its energy-boosting properties aren’t the end of the story. This article will shed light on the benefits and the few downsides that accompany Yellow Vietnam Kratom. We will also provide information on the appropriate dosage and situations when it is worth using.

Benefits of Yellow Vietnamese Kratom

Unlike most other kratom strains, this one hasn’t been growing for thousands of years. It has a very high alkaloid content, comparable to Maeng Da. That being said, the two are very different in how they work and what they offer.

  • Energizing Effect:

You’re alert, awake, good to go, and in a good mood altogether. That sums up what happens after you take Yellow Vietnam Kratom instead of a regular cup of coffee. You feel alive, and only slightly euphoric which means it hardly interferes with your daily activities.

  • Mood Improvement:

Obviously, once you have enough energy, your mood also improves. Most of the time, we feel down because we feel like we can’t accomplish everything we need or want. Yellow strains of Vietnamese kratom addresses this perhaps better than any other kratom strain. It’s quite impressive considering it hasn’t been around for that long.

  • Mild Pain Relief:

If you know anything about kratom strains, you know that very few of them are balanced when it comes to their positive effects. The same thing applies to Yellow Vietnam Kratom. While it is potent and filled with alkaloids just like Maeng Da, its properties are different.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom doesn’t have impressive analgesic properties but it does help a bit. However, what it lacks in the pain relief department, it makes up for in helping with certain bodily functions, particularly soothing the stomach. Increasing the dosage also won’t help as the analgesic effect remains the same no matter how much you use.

  • Heightened Concentration:

The increased mental focus doesn’t just happen fast but it also lasts for quite a while. A small to medium dose of Yellow Vietnam Kratom is enough to get you through a whole day of managing projects, studying, or dealing with disorganized employees.

The fact that it also improves the mood at the same time, should make the effect last even longer. At the very least it will make your day bearable.

  • Improved Visual Perception:

This is a rare benefit among the various kratom strains. Not only does Yellow Vietnam Kratom enhance your concentration but it also heightens your visual perception. Considering that it doesn’t induce a strong state of euphoria it’s easy to see why this strain is popular with modern day workers.

It doesn’t tire out your eyes so you will be able to keep staring at the screen for as long as you need. It also acts as a learning stimulant in this way, as you won’t get tired fast while reading hundreds of pages per day. Certainly sounds better than drinking coffee until you get the jitters before an exam.

  • Improved Bodily Functions:

Kratom strains that offer metabolic benefits don’t grow on trees, no pun intended. They are very rare so whenever you come across one, it’s at least worth a try. Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a strain that seems to help a lot with digestion.

You’re able to process food faster and assimilate more nutrients from it. It also calms down the stomach if you have chronic issues or if you tend to eat a lot. It doesn’t seem to be that impactful on regulating bowel movements as other strains.

Dosage Recommendations

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is very potent. It’s quite similar in that regard with Maeng Da so your doses shouldn’t exceed 6 grams. Even if you feel like you’ve developed a resistance by using a previous potent strain with similar effects, it’s best to use consistent small doses until you adjust.

The list of side effects isn’t extensive yet as this is a rather new strain. However, given its similarities to other potent strains such as Maeng Da, dizziness and nausea are likely to occur if you use too much. Any addictive properties aren’t currently known.

Given its potency and fast-acting effects, Yellow Vietnam Kratom is not recommended in combination with other strains; it is too powerful to combine with a strain that shares similar properties and it is pointless to combine with one offering sedative and relaxing effects. If you want a better painkiller it is safer to just use a different strain.


A lot of people are mystified by the fact that Yellow Vietnam Kratom and all other kratom strains in the region are illegal to use in Vietnam. Some say that it’s not technically illegal and just frowned upon. Regardless, kratom has become more popular in the West than in the countries it grows in.

Besides, in Asian culture, kratom has been used for a very long time. As long as the production of it is not banned, there’s really no need to worry about whether or not kratom farmers can also enjoy its benefits within the confines of the law.

Final Thoughts

The fact that Vietnam and other Asian countries seem to have taken a firm position against the use of kratom for medicinal purposes is not that impactful as you think. Just because it can’t be used it doesn’t mean it can’t be grown. There’s nothing to show the intent to stop the production any time soon.

This might even be a blessing in disguise given how new, popular, and rare the Yellow Vietnam Kratom strain is today. Judging by its strong effects and superior taste, Yellow Vietnam Kratom might be on its way to dethrone Maeng Da Kratom as the people’s go-to choice.