white vein kratom

As you might have guessed, white vein kratom is derived from kratom trees whose leaves have white veins running through them.  The tree is native to Southeast Asia and grows naturally in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

While all kratom strains have similarities in their effects, the white kratom varieties are actually quite distinctive from red and green kratom strains.  They tend to be more stimulating in nature and are more akin to a cup of coffee rather than a pain reliever.  Some users have also noted that it seems to be more long-lasting than other strains.

White vein kratom has a full range of alkaloids which are responsible for its beneficial properties.  The balance of analgesic and energetic alkaloids generate peaceful and clean effects on most occasions, but some may find the stimulation overbearing at times.

White kratom tends to create a vibrant and positive atmosphere when used.  Common effects include increases in concentration, physical energy, mental focus, stamina and positivity.  The most pronounced effect reported by white kratom users is the energizing property.  In fact, some may use white kratom as a caffeine replacement.  It is not considered as effective at sedation or pain relief as red or green colored strains and typically shouldn’t be used late in the day or it could cause restlessness.

White Vein Kratom Effects

  • Stimulation and Energy:

The energizing and stimulating effects are the most common reasons why white vein kratom is quickly gaining popularity. Proponents of the strain report that it gives a clean, energizing effect without the jitters associated with caffeine and other similar stimulants.

  • Nootropic Effects:

While this hasn’t been extensively researched, many white vein kratom users have reported cognitive boosting effects after using particular strains.  Some users have experienced improved memory recall, but a majority of them have reported increased focus and concentration.  This isn’t too surprising considering the Mitragyna Speciosa tree belongs to the same family of botanicals as the coffee tree, perhaps the most popular nootropic in the world.

  • Anti-Depressant:

White kratom has been directly linked to controlling stress through its mind relaxing effect. The effects are not as strong as what you will find in Green Bali for instance, but it can actually improve mild cases of stress and depression.

Popular strains and their characteristics

As you would expect, not all white vein kratom strains are made equal.  There are countless variables that affect how the different strains will perform.  Factors such as geographical location and farming methods, among others.  Here is a look at some of the most popular white kratom strains.

1.  White Sumatra

This strain originates from the Sumatra Island of Indonesia, where Mitragyna Speciosa grows in abundance.  Native farmers have harvested kratom here for many generations.  White Sumatra is particularly potent in creating an uplifting and energizing environment that increases focus and concentration.

2.  White Horn

White horn kratom is also native to Indonesia and found mainly in the West Kalimantan forests. The strain owes its name to the horned leaves which are picked from mature trees to create the kratom powder. This particular strain is well known for its stimulating and mood enhancing properties. Users report that it creates a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere, making one feel positive and optimistic.

3.  White Borneo

As the name suggests, this particular strain originates from the Island of Borneo.  Natives here have their own unique kratom harvesting culture and traditions that differ from neighboring regions.  White vein borneo is known to provide energy as well as some degree of pain and anxiety relief.

4.  White Vein Thai

By now you already know this strain originates from Thailand.  In addition to the energetic effects of Thai kratom, the White Vein Thai offers some impressive sedative and calming effects without the drowsiness that comes with typical analgesic substances.  While it might not have the powerful painkilling effects of some red strains, White Thai can provide comfort and pairs well with a physically active lifestyle.

5.  White Vein Bali

The White Bali is energetic but tends to be a little more soothing compared to most white vein strains.  White Vein Bali can produce sedative effects at doses of 5 grams and above and is similar to White Thai in these respects, but typically not as energizing .

White Vein Usage Guide

When it comes to using white veins, the correct kratom dosage depends entirely upon what your primary goals are.  There isn’t an exact science because different people react to certain strains and amounts differently.  There are many factors like tolerance, sensitivity, and body composition that affect how an individual reacts to a given amount.

Most people find that a dosage of 3-5 grams is sufficient, but some may work their way up from this amount gradually– depending on the results they require.  If you’re goals are primarily for increased energy, focus and other coffee-like effects, consider sticking to 3-5 grams per day.  Observe the effects and if you think you need more, work your way up with increments of .5 gram.

If you need more relaxing effects but not necessarily the increased energy, 5-7 grams might give you these desired effects. Taking white vein kratom at a much higher dosage of 10 grams could provide pain-relieving effects, although white kratom is not particularly strong in this area and one should use caution when taking high doses.

If you’re particularly sensitive to kratom and other similar substances, consider starting at a lower dose of 1-3 grams. Remember, all these numbers are mere estimations and not necessarily particular to your situation.  To find what works for you, you may have to experiment.


As you’ve seen, each white vein kratom strain has its own unique properties, but collectively they are known to increase energy levels, improve cognitive performance and reduce pain.  The stimulating effects can be too much for some people, so white strains are not recommended to those seeking relaxation.  Be sure to carefully monitor your dosage in order to get the best-desired effects and avoid any potential side effects.