White Borneo Kratom

There are so many kratom strains and so many similarities to caffeine that it’s no wonder people experiment with all sorts of varieties to find the right replacement. Some strains are balanced while others are aggressive or just harder to get.

A rare but fairly accessible variety is the White Vein Borneo. This kratom strain is perhaps the best caffeine replacement out of all the strains due to its striking similarity to the caffeine effect. It offers all of the same benefits, plus a few extras.

White Vein Borneo is not your typical white kratom strain and this article will go over these details. It has its own pros and cons which will be discussed so that you can understand if it is the strain that you’ve been looking for. We think it might be.

Benefits of White Borneo Kratom

Energizing doesn’t even begin to describe the overall effect of the White Vein Borneo. It’s one of the rarer kratom strains and one of the most popular. Its long list of beneficial properties and short list of side-effects make this one of the better kratom strains for those who rely on caffeine to get through the day.

  • Energy Boost:

White Vein Borneo is not the only kratom strain to work like a caffeine replacement. It is, however, perhaps the best one at it. A small dose is enough to wake you up in the morning and keep you awake for most of the day.

Apart from being a 100% natural product, there are a few more reasons why it’s better than coffee. White Vein Borneo doesn’t cause the same anxiety or feeling of restlessness that you get from drinking strong coffee. It gives you all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks. It’s not even addictive nor does it cause dependency as long as you stay within the recommended dosage parameters. Even then, there’s a higher chance of just getting the jitters and some trouble sleeping, than becoming addicted.

  • Mood Improvement:

Using White Vein Borneo makes you feel happy. It works well for people with depression as it has the ability to quickly change your mood. It doesn’t have the same effect on stress or anxiety due to its energizing effect.

You wouldn’t drink coffee for stress relief, would you? It can further help by acting as a supplement for opioid withdrawal – not in extreme cases, but it can help people coming off of nicotine, alcohol, and other similar vices.

It doesn’t make you feel overly relaxed but the uplifting quality should make you feel euphoric enough that you don’t need anything else. After all, you don’t need to take the edge off if there’s no edge.

  • Mild Pain Relief:

As part of the minor euphoric sensation you get from using White Vein Borneo, there’s also an analgesic effect that sets in. It’s nothing as impressive as that of Red Vein or Green Vein kratom strains, but it is noticeable nonetheless.

The effect is the same regardless of quantity so there’s no need to up the dose if you have a headache or a stomachache. If it works it works, if it doesn’t you need to look for a more potent strain to deal with your pain.

  • Mental Focus:

Many people drink coffee not just to stay awake but also to focus better on work duties or when studying. White Vein Borneo offers the same effect and arguably it’s a bit better.

With caffeine, it isn’t easy to tell how much is too much. With White Vein Borneo, the dosages are quite clear and there’s little chance of using too much of it that you end up getting jitters.

In a sense, it is easier to maintain your concentration for longer if you use this strain of the caffeine-related kratom plant. Because of this, it can help in long study sessions or help prepare for important meetings the following day. It probably won’t help you pull an all-nighter, but nothing is perfect, not even kratom.

  • Relaxation:

Yes, although this is mainly a stimulant and a caffeine replacement, White Vein Borneo does provide some relaxation when you take a high dose. That being said, the effect is just enough not to cause you to feel overexcited and start jittering from all the energy.

It’s not the same type of sedating effect that other kratom strains offer to help treat insomnia and anxiety.

White Borneo Dosage Recommendations

White Vein Borneo is another kratom strain that shouldn’t be taken in large doses. Anywhere between 3 to 7 grams is considered enough to feel all the good stuff without any of the drawbacks. Just because it is easier to regulate its use compared to coffee, it doesn’t mean overusing White Vein Borneo won’t come with side effects.

Using too much can lead to the development of sleeping disorders. It can also lead to feeling anxious and losing focus. It doesn’t cause dependency or addiction, but those aren’t reasons enough to use more than the recommended amount. Keep in mind that the analgesic effect is mild and consistent regardless of how much grind you use.

Strain Combinations

White Vein Borneo doesn’t work well in combination with other strains. It is potent on its own so it doesn’t work with other energizing kratom strains. At the same time, the energizing effect and the alertness you feel are too powerful to mix it with strains of a more relaxing nature.

Most people are tempted to seek out combinations because of the minimal analgesic effect of White Vein Borneo. Be that as it may, it is safer to just use a different strain when you need pain relief, perhaps something in the Red Vein or Green Vein variety.


White Vein Borneo is a natural wonder. It’s one of those kratom strains that can replace caffeine or at least help you get off it. It creates neither a dependency nor an addiction but it still offers all the alertness and energy you need to start the day.

It carries a mild euphoric-inducing quality, but it is nothing too extreme that it won’t allow you to function properly. If anything, it helps your concentration more than caffeine while also offering you some sweet extra kratom-specific perks you’ve grown to know and love.