kratom extract

Kratom extract is a highly potent and concentrated kratom type. It’s usually made by brewing powdered or crushed leaves for a prolonged period of time to create a thick paste that contains the highest concentration of the primary active ingredients.  These extracts can then be further formulated into liquid, powder, oil, tincture or resin.

The main aim of creating kratom extracts is to come up with a much more refined product with all the main ingredients preserved.  Such a product can be used in smaller, powerful doses.  High-quality kratom extracts are prepared by skilled and experienced experts who have practiced the art and science of kratom extraction for a long period of time.

When correctly done, kratom extract can be practical, convenient and efficient. However, depending on what the user wants to achieve, kratom extracts are not always cost effective.  To many users, the extracts seem to possess a novel character and are often added to regular strains to increase their effectiveness.  Other users simply prefer the intensive effects offered by extracts over the less concentrated regular formulations.

How to interpret Grading of Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are often graded as 1x, 5x, 10x and so on.  The meaning behind the grading is however generally misunderstood.  Many users tend to think that if a grade is labeled 10x for instance, it contains 10 times the alkaloid content of regular kratom or it is 10 times stronger.  In reality, the grading explains the concentration factor of the extract by volume.  So if an extract is labeled 10x, it means that 10 grams of the regular powdered Kratom was reduced to 1 gram concentrate.

Another common misconception is that kratom extracts with higher rates of concentration are more powerful.  For example, many people will assume that a 10x extract is stronger than a 4x one.  This is however not necessarily the case because alkaloid content significantly varies across different strains of Kratom.  So the Kratom strain is much more reliable when judging the strength of a product than its grading.

How to use Kratom extracts

There is a huge debate around kratom extracts specifically concerning their safety.  Some users claim that extracts increase the potential of developing side effects and building tolerance.  It generally boils down to caution and common knowledge when it comes to handling kratom extracts.  If you’re new to kratom, it’s a good idea to start with the ordinary non-concentrated kratom strains before switching to extracts.  Shop around for mild or medium strength strains and experiment with them based on their dosage recommendation first to get accustomed to kratom.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with kratom and learned how it affects you and your ideal dosage rate, you may try out extracts for enhanced effects.  Dosing is a very important aspect when dealing with any strain of kratom.  Since there is no real standard for alkaloid content in different kratom trees, working out how much you need to achieve desired effects while keeping the side effects at bay can be quite daunting.

You can loosely estimate the dosage of kratom extract based on your ordinary dosage level. So if you generally use 4 grams dose of standard kratom, for instance, anything between 0.4-0.6 of a 10x extract can give you the desired effects.  If you’re generally concerned about side effects, then you might want to try a smaller dose of about 0.2 grams.

Generally, you can feel the extract’s effects with doses as low as 0.25g and strong effects with doses as lows a 1g.  If you’re a first time user, consider starting your dosage between 0.25g and 0.5g and experiment within this range until you find your desired effect.  Remember, using kratom extracts is more or less like using regular kratom; always start at a lower dosage and increase when you need more intense effects.

Kratom Extract Effects

In addition to starting at a lower dosage rate, it’s considered a good practice to mix the extract with a small amount of plain-leaf Kratom to receive the best, balanced effects.  The effects you will get from the extracts are generally stronger compared to plain-leaf Kratom. Similar to plain-leaf kratom, low extract doses are expected to provide mood enhancing and stimulating effects as well as a boost in energy levels and improvement in focus.  Higher doses of kratom extract generally produce euphoric and sedation sensations.  You can also expect muscle relaxation, pain relief, and better sleep quality.


Kratom extracts are highly potent and convenient forms of taking kratom preferred by many users.  They have a high concentration of alkaloids and other useful active ingredients that produce intensive beneficial effects.  If this sounds like something you might want to try out, be sure to start with small doses and only increase when you’ve understood how it affects your body.