bouncing bear botanicals vendor review

The growing trend of alternative medicine and therapy pushes us to look for the best suppliers of fresh traditional herbs. There are many options available in the market. But, finding the right store that can offer you a variety of products can be an arduous task. However, Bouncing Bear Botanicals is a reliable source for all things related to traditional remedies like kratom.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals is a steady supplier of herbs, live plants, seeds and incense used in alternative medicine. The shop has been in operation for more than 10 years. It offers both wholesale and retail options to its customers. You can find sacred, rare and exotic plants for everyone’s needs. The list of options is quite comprehensive so even the most demanding customers will be satisfied. The shop also features detailed explanations about the herbs and their usage.

Who are their Customers?

The philosophy behind Bouncing Bear Botanicals is that they can cater to any customer that comes along. The company website features separate menus depending on whether you are male or female. If you are a shaman or a grower they also have a section dedicated to live plants and seeds.

Recurring customers get the benefit of Bouncing Bear Botanicals’ loyalty program. You earn points for every purchase that can be redeemed as partial payment towards future purchases. Entrepreneurs who specialize in traditional medicine should check out their affiliate program.

If you are a person who likes to keep their purchases a secret, you should not worry when dealing with Bouncing Bear Botanicals. They ship all of the packages in plain boxes without any markings except for the return address. The company ships all orders within one business day, or the same day if the order is received by noon (CST). Another thing is that you get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product, no questions asked.

There are a few drawbacks when you place an order with Bouncing Bear Botanicals. The layout of the website seems a bit dated, and it would be nice if it was updated soon. Also, the number of payment options is limited.

Remedies for Female Health

A great number of women are customers of Bouncing Bear Botanicals. The shop offers a great variety of plants and extracts carefully selected to promote relaxation or battle a variety of ailments. They range from the well-known ones such as ginseng to more exotic options such as yohimbe. Also, the women’s page features products designed to relieve cramps, menstrual pain, and insomnia.

Remedies for Male Health

Nowadays more and more men are seeking to go the route of traditional medicine. Bouncing Bear Botanicals has dedicated a special section just to cater to their needs. Men would be more interested in sarsaparilla since this plant helps with urinary problems and may enhance physical performance. They might also enjoy the above-mentioned yohimbe which is believed to have properties that can benefit your libido and sex life.

Kratom and Other Popular Stimulants

Kratom along with Yerba Mate and coca leaf tea are some of the customer favorites and belong in separate categories on the Bouncing Bear Botanicals website. You can easily access the pages, choose your favorite stimulant and order online. The pages feature detailed explanations about the applications and effects of these folk remedies. Therefore, even those with little experience would be able to find the right medicine. This makes BBB one of the best kratom vendors.

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese green tea has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. Bouncing Bear Botanicals offers both the tea leaves and all of the necessary accessories you might need to stage a formal tea-drinking ceremony. Whether you are looking for ways to remove free radicals or reduce body fat, Bouncing Bear Botanicals has got you covered in terms of accessories. The shop doesn’t sell the teas but you can find a large collection at its affiliate (you can find the link on Bouncing Bear’s green tea page).

Accessories and Other Related Items

Bouncing Bear Botanicals carries a list of accessories for the preparation of herbal medicine. Each category has a number of them at your disposal. You can purchase capsules along with the capsule-filling machine, traditional mortar and pestle and beautifully crafted Yerba Mate containers. There is a section dedicated to utensils and cutlery to complement your consumption of traditional medicine.

Are There Alternatives?

Considering the limitations of Bouncing Bear Botanicals, you may find other shops that are better suited for your needs. Phytoextractum is one of those shops. First of all, their website has a much better design and offers a greater variety of products. Another thing to consider is the same day shipping with a more generous cut-off time than Bouncing Bear Botanicals’ 12 pm.

Phytoextractum also provides a greater variety of payment options. You can use bitcoin to place orders on their website, though you need to be a member before proceeding to payment. The shop has more strains of kratom and other stimulants. It even offers free stuff to their customers along with books and media on traditional medicine which are not on offer at Bouncing Bear Botanicals.

Final Thoughts

Bouncing Bear Botanicals is one of the oldest online stores for botanicals. Besides their online presence, they have a brick-and-mortar store in Lawrence, Kansas. They help those interested in alternative medicine as well as people who wish to use traditional medicine for recreational purposes.

Let’s disregard the above-mentioned limitations and focus on the testimonials of Bouncing Bear Botanicals customers. You will find the shop to be a respectable vendor of traditional medicine. Their products are genuine and fresh and more than a few users mentioned the generosity of the company as a pleasant surprise.

The fact that so many people have benefited from the service of this company and are willing to share their experiences speaks for itself. If you can overlook the more limited payment options, you can hardly go wrong with Bouncing Bear Botanicals. Try this company and you will not be disappointed.