coastline kratom vendor review

What makes a top-tier kratom vendor? Is it the selection or the quality of their products? Sometimes it’s a combination of both.

Coastline Kratom is one of the most popular US-based kratom distributors right now and are currently our number one recommended vendor.

They offer high-quality kratom strains and live plants and feature a very responsive website, which makes it easy for users to shop and get the information they need.

Depending on what experience you have with the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, you may already have a favorite provider. Still, it never hurts to check out the competition. This article is focused on Coastline Kratom and how this vendor squares up against similar ones.

Coastline Kratom Policies & Recommendation

Coastline Kratom is pretty much a great vendor for any kratom user. The strain variety guarantees that you can find the appropriate product whether you’re new or an experienced user.

Just like some of the other US-based vendors, they offer free shipping when you order a certain product or a specific amount. However, keep in mind that certain states are off limits as they have banned the use of kratom. There are also a few countries where Coastline Kratom doesn’t ship products.  This information can be found on their website.

When it comes to making a payment, you only have one option — Credit card. The checkout process is straightforward.  Of course, other vendors now accept bitcoins. Because of this, one could argue that Coastline Kratom is not the full package just yet.

Another must-have feature of any online kratom vendor is a responsive website. Coastline Kratom offers a smooth user experience and a simple menu to follow. Each product has its own category and page.

Information for the different strains is also provided. This helps introduce newcomers to the benefits of kratom as well as the different properties among strains.

All the shipping- and payment-related information is visible from the get-go. The only thing missing is a separate section for the enhanced powders or powder packs. You have to search for them using the search function or look for them in the best sellers’ section.

Now let’s look at the products they offer…

Enhanced Powders

There are quite a few enhanced varieties of red vein and green vein kratom. These are made in-house and they’re not that different from what other vendors may offer. The standard resin is enriched with extra alkaloids in order to either increase its potency or to add new properties to the strain.

The enhanced powders are usually best sellers among connoisseurs as they can be a bit too much to handle for beginners.

Bali Kratom

The Bali Kratom is available in both Red Vein and White Vein varieties. Both are pure kratom powders that haven’t been enhanced or altered in any way.

Borneo Kratom

If you prefer the Borneo strains, no problem. Coastline offers Red Vein Borneo and Green Vein Borneo in four different package sizes. If you’re looking for something less balanced there’s also the Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo.

This powder is enriched with extra alkaloids. Surprisingly this doesn’t seem to affect the smell of the Red Vein too much. It remains pleasing.

Horned Kratom

This highly potent kratom strain also comes in a few varieties. Both red and green vein products can be found. There’s also an enhanced version of the red vein which contains even more alkaloids.

Maeng Da Kratom

There’s probably no respectable kratom vendor that doesn’t sell Maeng Da. It’s one of the most popular strains among experienced users. You can purchase red vein and white vein, depending on what type of effect you’re going for.

Malay Kratom

The Malay kratom is found only as green vein and its enhanced version. Also known as Super Green, this strain has potent and long-lasting energy boosting qualities.

Live Plants

Nothing can guarantee a steady supply of kratom more than your own plant. Coastline Kratom sells live plants so that users can learn how to grow and make their own kratom products.

The plants are available in two sizes: 2” and 6”. While the vendor doesn’t offer the best deals on live plants, somehow it’s still worth it. After all, it’s hard to mess up caring for kratom plants; they’re just too robust.

Alternative Options

By now it’s obvious that some things are missing from Coastline Kratom. As good as the vendor is when it comes to kratom products, some people want to shop for more than just powder. Phytoextractum can be a solid alternative for your go-to online vendor.

Not only does it sell a variety of kratom strains, it also makes available other products such as Kona coffee, teas, mushrooms, oils, and other natural extracts. If you’re looking to do all your shopping in one place, this may be better. Keep in mind that the kratom quality is probably not as good and there are no enhanced products on Phytoextractum.


It’s no surprise that Coastline Kratom is a very popular vendor. While some could argue that its menu is a bit selective, most people tend to value quality over quantity. After all, kratom is used to deal with many disorders so you should always aim to get the most efficient powders.

The prices are competitive with those of the top vendors and the free US shipping option is always nice to have. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed by doing business with this company.