Gaia Ethnobotanical vendor review

Kratom is very popular option as this plant can be taken in capsules, chewed, or made into tasty tea. But, it may be difficult to find a reliable retailer online. How do you tell which kratom supplier is trustworthy?

Inferior product is the least of someone’s worries when buying supplements online. Everyone wants good product that is dependable, especially when it comes to herbal supplements. And, what happens when customer service is non-existent?

This article will take the mystery out of one popular kratom online retailer so you can make an informed decision before placing your order. Find out what Gaia Ethnobotanical is all about.

Gaia Ethnobotanical

Gaia Ethnobotanical is an online retailer based in Jacksonville, Florida. They have 37 kratom products for sale and 11 various herbal teas as well. They also have social media presence on Facebook. However, they don’t have a live option for customer service.

Additionally, Gaia harvests their plants ethically, in a sustainable manner and they also claim to test for quality.

The only downside is that they don’t accept prepaid, debit, or credit cards as a payment option. Currently, they only accept cryptocurrency like bitcoin. They also have an e-check option.

Unfortunately, these limited payment options may make this retailer unappealing for some customers. Yet, their new gift card option may attract new customers because not many kratom sellers offer it.

This online retailer is for anyone who is looking for a good deal on kratom products, as Gaia Ethnobotanical products are relatively cheap.

However, the problem may lie in how to pay for purchases. With their limited payment options, it may still be a deal-breaker for some. And, despite the sales and potential coupons, the savings may not be enough to overcome the inconvenience.

Overview of Products

This retailer has approximately 37 kratom products for sale, though the variety of product strains may be limited in some areas, especially in comparison to other online retailers.

First, Gaia has 2 extracts for sale. They are called 20x powdered Maeng Da and 50x Black Diamond extracts and are available in a wide range of weights.

Gaia also has “sampler” packs available. They offer 1 oz. portions of 5 different strains. Unlike other retailers, the customer can specify which strains they want. This may be a good option for anyone who wants to check the quality of the strains. Also, customers who want to try new strains can do so without much risk.

There are also other “sampler” packs available. They are based on price points rather than product or weight. The other samplers are sold as $25, $50, $75, and $100 packs.

For example, the $75 sampler pack allows customers to pick 3 strains. Buyers get a total of 750 grams of product at 250 grams per strain.

Another great thing about Gaia is that they offer kratom blends. Their special blends are only available in 3 sizes: 1 oz., 250g, and 1 kg. Unfortunately, buying blends may be risky, as buyers never really know what they will receive. Many retailers have their own “proprietary blend” and these recipes are not regulated.

However, for consumers who want a blend, Gaia’s 5 options are inexpensive. The Purple 8-in-1 blend has 4 Maeng Das strains. It also includes Elephant, Red Bali, Green Malay, and Bali Gold.

If that mix has too many strains, there are simpler blends too, like the Ganesh MD that is only RMD and Elephant. Or, the Red Dragon blend that is a mix of WMD and RMD.

Consumers who are looking for kratom powders will find a good selection here, too. They have Bali and Maeng Da. Gaia also has a decent selection of the different color strains.

The website itself seems unfinished and it may be a somewhat frustrating experience for new customers. Some links are blank and there are only a couple of entries in their blog.

Also, buyers need to have a good idea about what they are looking for. The strains aren’t really explained on the website. Buyers may see a sentence describing a strain in the product description. But, it is inconsistent.

Alternative Options

If Gaia doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, there are many other alternatives online. Maybe one of these other kratom sellers will be a better fit.

For example, Sacred Kratom boasts a user-friendly website and they have 24/7 customer service access. They also have a good selection of powders, extracts, and capsules.

Sacred Kratom is more expensive, but customers get free priority shipping for orders over $100. And, they also have other coupons and sales available periodically.

Another option is Oregon Kratom. This Oregon-based retailer sells kratom in different forms but most noteworthy is their capsule option.

Unlike other retailers, Oregon Kratom offers 30-count 1-gram gel caps of kratom. What makes them unusual is that buyers pick the strain without the need to choose from pre-packed capsules.

They also sell empty capsules for customers who prefer to pack their own blends. In addition, Oregon Kratom also has a generous amount of sale items. And, they offer a free sample ounce for every order of $40 or more.

Furthermore, this retailer offers a similar variety of powders and extracts as their competitors while keeping their prices on the low side of the spectrum.

Lastly, the Oregon Kratom website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Their customer service is very responsive during business hours and they accept credit cards as a payment option.

They have a little more information about the strains on each product page as well. However, customers need to know what they are searching for in advance, as there is no information on the “effects” of each strain available anywhere on their website.


Gaia Ethnobotanical is a good retail option for kratom buyers who are on a budget. They offer competitive prices and appealing sampler pack options.

However, you may find their limited payment options unappealing. If that’s the case, there are other alternative options and quality suppliers available such as Sacred Kratom. But these come with a premium price.