kratom capsules vendor review

Kratom capsules are becoming a very popular delivery method. Most kratom strains taste notoriously bad and plenty of people have trouble ingesting them even when mixed in large drinks. Using capsules instead of the classic powder lets you remove the taste and smell from the equation.

Of course, not everyone is keen on letting someone else handle their kratom dosage. Because this is a relatively new concept, let’s have a look at one of the most trusted vendors of kratom capsules.

Who Is This Brand For? is a vendor that can accommodate almost any kratom user. It has mild and potent kratom strains for sale. It offers them both in capsules or in powder form. While the selection of strains is not that impressive, Kratom Capsules compensates by offering a few other plant extracts with even fewer regulations.

If you don’t get along with the taste of kratom and you don’t like experimenting too much with dosages, then this vendor can surely help you. Their selections of capsules are properly dosed to appeal to beginners, intermediate and experienced users alike.

If you enjoy having multiple payment options, then you’ll probably like Kratom Capsules. If you appreciate customer support and want a guarantee that qualified individuals can answer your questions, again, you’re in the right place.

Kratom Capsules is also a good vendor to look at if you want more than just kratom products. There are more products that can help with pain relief, sleeping disorders, anxiety, and give you an energy boost. This makes the vendor valuable even in states where Mitragyna Speciosa is outlawed.

Products Offered


The vendor’s bread and butter is selling kratom and a bunch of other herbal extracts with a capsule delivery method. Each container has 50 capsules with adequate dosages depending on the strain. There are 6 kratom strains you can get in capsule form:

• Bali Super Premium
• Green Maeng Da
• Red Vein Indo
• Super Green
• White Maeng Da
• Yellow Vietnam

The variety is not overly impressive but Kratom Capsules makes up for that with premium quality extracts. There’s something for everyone whether you’re battling chronic pain, insomnia, stomach ache, or opioid withdrawal. The prices are a bit higher for capsules than for their powder counterparts.


Although the vendor uses capsules in its name, Kratom Capsules also caters to users who prefer the powder delivery method. Because of this, you can find the following products in powder form in 1 ounce containers:

• Bali Super Premium
• Green Maeng Da
• Red Vein Indo
• Super Green
• White Maeng Da
• Yellow Vietnam

As you can see the assortment is quite varied for a vendor that’s mostly associated with marketing capsules. The selection includes every kratom strain also offered in capsules. It is also quite balanced as it has a good mix of beginner-friendly and potent kratom strains.


Kratom Capsules sells Kava 30% extract in 50-capsule containers. The product is often used as a mood enhancer and mild analgesic. It also helps people who have anxiety issues. While not as potent as kratom, Kava is still popular with newcomers to the herbal lifestyle.


Akuama capsules are an affordable alternative to over-the-counter pain medication. The plant’s seeds have been used for pain relief for a long time in Western African nations.


Chuchuhuasi is sold in a 4:1 extract ratio in 50 capsules. Most of the time it is used to reduce inflammation and pain linked to arthritis, rheumatism, or back pains. It is also recommended as a natural alternative for dealing with menstrual pain.

Payment, Shipping, and Promotions

Kratom Capsules accepts both credit cards and bitcoin from customers. Bitcoin users also get an automatic 10% off on any order.

Shipping is free in the US on all orders. Unlike other vendors, Kratom Capsules ensure free shipping regardless of the product ordered or the price tag.

Discounts can be seen all year round. Some of them are long-running like the Bitcoin 10% discount while others are either seasonal or holiday related. At times it’s also possible to get special deals on specific products such as newly introduced ones.

Customer Support

The customer support options are extensive which is surprising for a niche vendor. Keeping in line with most successful ecommerce sites, Kratom Capsules offers users an online form, a telephone number, and a mailing address.

You can also address your questions or ask for order information via the live chat. This is usually available from Monday to Friday at the same time as the phone line. However, there are exceptions when you might be able to find support after hours.


Kratom Capsules has a decent assortment of kratom strains and other herbal extracts. However, if you’re looking for bulk orders, something like Happy Hippo Herbals might be more your speed. Both vendors offer multiple payment methods and frequent promotions.

Happy Hippo Herbals on the other hand, caters to large orders a bit better. They have a more sustainable supply and have no problem offering larger pre-made packages for all their kratom strains.

If the extra herbs aren’t enough for you, you could also try Phytoextractum. This vendor doesn’t have the best kratom strain collection but it offers many more alternatives that include tea, Kona coffee, kava, mushrooms, and many more. It might be better suited for you as an online vendor if you want to do all your herbal shopping from a single website.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be fooled by the name. doesn’t just sell kratom and doesn’t just sell capsules. Anything kratom-related you find in capsule form can also be bought in powder form. If for some weird reason you appreciate the taste or odor of kratom, you’re free to add powder products to your cart.

The selection of products is not the best you’ll ever see but the quality is definitely worth sampling. You can use multiple payment methods and you can also get in contact with customer support in a variety of ways.  Hopefully this review was helpful and good luck in your endeavors.

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