the kratom king vendor review

The Kratom King has been a traditional medicine vendor operating since 2005. They are based in Reno, NV, and the shop predominantly focuses on selling different strains of kratom from a number of Southeast Asian countries. The menu on their website, dubbed “ORDER HERE”, features a list of products offering crushed leaves and kratom powder from Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

There are separate categories for the highly sought-after Maeng Da and extracts/enhanced products. Besides kratom, they offer two types of CBD oil, though other than that we can assume that this is a niche shop dedicated to kratom customers.

Who are the Customers of This Brand?

The Kratom King caters to the needs of any consumer. Whether a complete novice or a kratom connoisseur, you will be able to find crushed leaves or powder tailored to your taste.

The Kratom King’s policy is to offer the highest quality product at the best prices. As of this writing, you get a 10% discount on your orders. Also, the shop offers gift cards, so even if you are not a user, you can purchase a gift card for a friend.

One downside of The Kratom King is the website navigation and layout. It may take some browsing before you find the appropriate menu. But once on the right page, you will have no problem placing your order.

The Kratom King does not offer an affiliate program. If you are a kratom reviewer or online entrepreneur specializing in traditional medicine, this might not be the place for you. The shop does not offer wholesale options either. Though, some products ship in large volumes, up to 1kg, at affordable prices.

Strains from Bali

A selection of kratom originating from Bali on offer at The Kratom King. You can choose the Bali RED Kratom Powder or Bali/PC Kratom. Crushed leaves, powder and super fine powder options are available for the Bali/PC. The Bali RED kratom is available only in the form of powder.


CBD Oil is another herbal remedy you can purchase at the shop. This is 100% hemp oil and the product seems to be extremely popular. You can purchase CBD Oil in either 100mg or 500mg dropper bottles.

Extracts and Enhanced Kratom

The Maeng Da kratom is the strain that gives you the most energy and when enhanced it can surely double your pleasure. There are three options to choose from on the website. Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom is sold in 10g packages and Maeng Da Kratom Extract ships either in 1oz or 5g containers.

Indonesian Strains

You can purchase red and white strains of Indo Kratom at The Kratom King website. The difference is that the red one gives you a more euphoric feeling while the white one acts more like a stimulant. You can also choose either kratom powder or crushed leaves.

Strains of Maeng Da Kratom

Besides the enhanced/extracted Maeng Da kratom, this category features additional Maeng Da products. The Kratom King sells them in a variety of packaging ranging from 5g to 1kg. It is worth noting that most of the Maeng Da comes from Thailand.

Malaysian Strains

The Kratom King sells Super Green Malay kratom. It is the only strain of Malaysian kratom available on their website. However, there are eight different types of Super Green to choose from. This particular brand is well-known for its specific aroma.

Strains from Thailand

You can purchase Thai white vein, red vein and regular kratom at The Kratom King online store. This section features twenty different products. The offering of Thai kratom on this site is the most comprehensive, so you are likely to find the strain that suits your palate.

Are There Alternatives?

One limitation of The King Kratom may be the fact that they focus almost exclusively on the sales of kratom. There are other folk remedy shops that carry a greater variety of traditional medicine. One such shop is Phytoextractum. It features a larger stock of folk remedies such as tea, mushrooms, incense, coffee and other botanicals. Phytoextractum also offers an affiliate program and a number of books and media on traditional medicine.

The Kratom King’s weakest point is the user interface and layout of the website. Kratomystic is another niche store dedicated to kratom strains and products. Their website is easy to navigate and the packages are beautifully designed. Overall it looks clean, neat and carefully crafted to provide the users with a much smoother shopping experience.

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Final Remarks

Friends have probably told you about the bitterness of Mitragyna Speciosa. They instructed you to cut it with lemon to neutralize the taste. Some cooked up kratom tea for their girlfriends and claimed to have never partied better. One way or another, this folk remedy has amassed a huge following.

On a quest to seek out the perfect strain, you might be baffled by the sheer number of shops peddling an array of kratom products. But you should look no further since The Kratom King will help you narrow down the search and order just the thing you are looking for.

The Kratom King has one of the biggest selections of kratom currently available on the market. If you look beyond the design flaws this website offers an almost unparalleled selection of kratom.

The fact that it has been present in the market for more than 10 years speaks for itself. This makes The Kratom King one of the oldest and most reliable kratom vendors on the market. Let’s not forget the fact that you can purchase a large volume of kratom at very affordable prices.

Another thing that makes this shop stand out is the live support they offer. If you have any questions regarding the products or your order, feel free to send them a message. So no matter if you are a seasoned user with a distinct taste for kratom or someone wishing to try it for the first time, The Kratom King may be just the place for you.