kratom pro vendor review

Nowadays, more people are choosing natural remedies over pharmaceuticals. One of the strongest herbs that can help with numerous health conditions is kratom. It may be hard to obtain which is why it’s important that you have a reliable seller.

Kratom Pro is an online store that mainly focuses on selling kratom capsules. It does have a very good offering of different types of kratom capsules, but it may not be the safest option for buying kratom. Keep reading to see some of the main benefits and drawbacks of this particular seller.

Kratom Pro carries some highly potent kratom capsules. They vouch for the quality of their products. One interesting fact is that the website mentions some other products as well, such as powder and extracts, but they are not offered in the products tab. They may have offered powder and extracts in the past, but not anymore.

The only products that Kratom Pro currently offers are various types of kratom capsules. Some of them include:

• Thai Kratom capsules
• Bali Kratom capsules
• Vietnam Kratom capsules
• Maeng Da Kratom capsules

Kratom Pro claims to ship items domestically at low shipping charges. If you order capsules on a business day, Kratom Pro will ship on the very same day. Another option is international shipping, which is pretty rare for online stores of kratom products.

When it comes to payment, they accept major credit cards, although the webpage for payment information seems somewhat unprofessional. Lastly, they claim to ship all products in discreet packaging. So if you had an order shipped to your workplace, your boss wouldn’t know what’s in it from looking at the package.

One of the major concerns regarding this brand is its ambiguity. All of the descriptions are very vague, the website frequently reports errors and the purchase isn’t easy to make. It seems that there is a very nice narrative behind the site, but there is no concrete information. This is a big drawback, especially since kratom is facing some legal constraints throughout the US.

Who It’s For

It is somewhat hard to determine who Kratom Pro is for, because the website doesn’t provide much information about specific products. You can see the type of capsules, such as Maeng Da, but there are no additional details. You cannot see the price, quantity or anything else. If you don’t know much about kratom, you most likely will want to see the opinions of other people, which is not possible on the Kratom Pro website.

Those of you who enjoy a secure purchase probably won’t like the Kratom Pro website. First of all, you don’t know how much money you need to spend on the capsules. Second, you don’t even know the quantity. More importantly, the website doesn’t even let you finalize your purchase, so it’s fair to say that this online seller may be quite unsafe.

The Kratom Pro Website

If we take a look at the entire website and its functions, it seems to be very vague and perhaps even illegitimate. There is no information about the seller. If you wish to find out more about the company, you can only get some general information. This goes for other tabs as well. If you are a new customer and haven’t tried kratom before, you won’t get an idea of what it is based on the website. Furthermore, you won’t be able to find out about the difference between Thai and Bali kratom capsules, for example.

Let’s say that you already know what you want, so this lack of information doesn’t affect you. The bigger problem is how you can actually select a product. You can see the offer on the website and even click on different capsules, but the website won’t find that product. It keeps reporting errors and therefore prevents you from actually buying anything.

The entire website doesn’t offer any concrete information, so you basically won’t have a clue about the seller and how it operates. The only clue is when you click on the contact form. You will find an office phone number with 760 area code, which is in Southern California.

Even if you go to the payment options, you get a brief list of the credit cards that are accepted as well as a statement that says you must agree with a disclaimer if you want to buy from the website. The disclaimer basically shifts all of the responsibility for kratom products to the customer in case there are legal or health issues. Furthermore, Kratom Pro claims that their products are sold “not for human consumption” but for weighing purposes only. It’s like a disclaimer that says, “Don’t try this at home.” You’re probably better off going with some other kratom vendor. Here’s an alternative.

Viable Alternatives

One possible alternative to Kratom Pro is Phytoextractum that sells kratom and other natural products. What is good about this seller is that they’re quite transparent and safe. For example, if you need information about the company itself, you can easily find it on the website.

Choosing products is easy – you can see the amounts, prices and other specificities. All of the products are divided into separate categories which makes the website easier to navigate. The products include plant extracts, plant materials, tonics, and also books, coffee, and other accessories. Additionally, you’ll find customers’ reviews on each product page. This can be very helpful to new and inexperienced customers.

Finally, your payment is secure and you are guaranteed full discretion. Phytoextractum appears to be legal as well.

Final Thoughts

Wondering who sells the best kratom? If you want to find a safe way to buy kratom products online, Kratom Pro may not be the best choice. The website is so vague that you wonder if it’s even legal. Kratom is a powerful plant that requires a lot of caution, so the last thing you need is an unreliable seller. There are lots of alternatives that are much more secure. The final choice is yours. Please share your experience should you decide to take one for the team and give Kratom Pro a try.