kratom spot vendor review

Kratom Spot is a high-end vendor with competitive prices, impressive product sustainability, efficient products and a wholesale program that puts many other vendors to shame. It’s the place where you can get your sleeping aid, painkillers, and mood enhancers for personal use or to sell out of your own store.  In this review, we will look at the various pros and cons of this company.

Is Kratom Spot a Good Supplier?

They are an established kratom vendor, which means that if you are looking for alternatives to over-the-counter medication, it’s a good place to start.

Their services might also interest you if you want same-day shipping services. If you’re not the type of person to plan ahead, then being able to get your product on short notice can be a huge benefit.

If you can’t handle the taste or smell of Mitragyna Speciosa powder then this vendor has you covered. They offer a wide variety of kratom strains with a capsule delivery method. Don’t worry; they’re made for vegetarians.


It’s hard to say if kratom will get banned in more states or if the bans will eventually be lifted from all of them. It probably doesn’t bode well that many countries where kratom is grown and processed, outlaws its use for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of places in the US and in the world where you’re free to buy, sell, grow, and use kratom to deal with your anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and much more. One of the vendors that cater to these needs is Kratom Spot.


There’s plenty of variety in purchasing kratom capsules on Kratom Spot. That being said, the most popular item on the menu seems to be the Super Green Indo Kratom. It’s a very balanced strain that has both relaxing and stimulating properties. It even helps a bit with pain relief.


Regular kratom powder is still popular among experienced users. You just can’t combine capsules or extracts as easily as you can powder. Regular powder is also good if you’re not sure what extract to go for. First, you can test the effects and then you can decide if it’s worth boosting them.


Kratom extract is often mistaken for powder. While it is in a sense powder, it is a concentrated version of regular kratom powder. The extracts are made by boiling regular powder and then allowing all the water to evaporate. It increases the potency and the efficiency of all strains.

Payment and Shipping

The only payment method accepted is a credit card. Kratom Spot doesn’t have support for PayPal or bitcoin. Still, all major credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

The shipping is all over the place. On one hand, Kratom Spot offers same-day shipping if you place an order during business hours. On the other hand, the minimum for free US shipping is no joke. Compared to most vendors, Kratom Spot asks for quite a bit in order to facilitate free shipping.


Kratom Spot has very attractive prices. The downside is that for free shipping, you have to place a big order. This may be a bit inconvenient if you’re new and just want to try kratom for the first time.

However, if you’re an experienced kratom user, this works to your advantage. You can get capsules, powders, or extracts at a low cost, as long as you get a big supply.

They also have various specials that include discounts for bulk purchases or variety packs.

Website Responsiveness

As pretty as the website looks, it’s not the best UI you’ll ever see. There is a search function and clear product categories, but the multiple images and perhaps the average coding make the site a bit slow.

However, it shouldn’t really be a deal breaker for anyone. The checkout section works well and that’s the most important part as far as we’re concerned.

Another feature that makes up for the slower loading times is the order tracking. You can track any order big or small from the website.


While the selection of kratom products is just fine on Kratom Spot and their shipping is top-notch, some people might value free shipping with no minimums more. If that’s the case, then perhaps you may want to check out Purkratom as an alternative vendor.

Purkratom offers free US shipping on any order no matter how small it is. There’s also a nice collection of capsules, powders, and a couple of hemp extract capsules too. It may not be the fastest delivery but it doesn’t cost a premium either. If that’s something that interests you, there’s nothing wrong with checking it out as the payment methods are pretty much the same and the prices are also similar.

You could also check out Coastline Kratom if you want to grow your own instead of just using or reselling. This vendor has a good supply of live plants. While it may not sell extracts, it does give you the means to make your own, provided you’re willing to learn.


Kratom Spot is an interesting vendor. It offers high-end services and high-quality products without asking for a premium. While the shipping and payment options could use some tweaks, everything else appears to be top-notch.

There’s a good variety of strains and an even better variety of delivery methods. You can get capsules, powder, and potent kratom extracts from. Whether you know what you want or you want to test different effects, this vendor can cater to all your needs.