kratom syndicate vendor review

Kratom is the newest movement for herbal supplements but it may be hard to find a reliable supplier as there are so many retailers online.

This review seeks to demystify one of the vendors that is in the forefront of selling kratom. Keep reading to find out what Kratom Syndicate is all about and what makes them stand out from their competitors.

The Kratom Syndicate, or TKS, sells different strains of kratom online. They ship their products domestically as well as internationally. And, they are one of the few online retailers that offer international shipping.

Kratom Syndicate makes a name for themselves by selling kratom alternatives as well as popular strains. Alternatives may include Phenibut, Sakae Na, and Kava.

The company claims to have high-quality products and they also offer coupons and discounts to their customers so that their already relatively low prices are even lower.

Who Is TKS For?

This brand is best for those who want to buy kratom, or try it, but are on a strict budget. Often kratom is expensive but it is affordable on this site because of the coupons and discounts offered.

Kratom Syndicate is also a good option for anyone looking for kratom alternatives. Especially since most kratom retailers only sell kratom products. This way, if kratom isn’t as effective as someone hoped, they can still buy another solution from their favorite retailer.

Overview of Features

Since Kratom Syndicate is a kratom-focused retailer they have many different strains available. Logging onto the website, customers will see popular strains such as Red Bali and Green Maeng Da.

The prices are reasonable as well considering Kratom is generally pricey. Coupons and discount codes may be found in their newsletters. So, signing up may yield huge savings,  especially when purchasing in bulk.

Customers may also follow TKS on social media platforms, like Facebook, to receive additional discount codes.

In addition, TKS sells special mixed strains. Generally, consumers can mix their own kratom powders but their mix effects may vary; it depends on what strains and leaves are mixed together.

But, there are typically 3 ways to mix kratom strains. Some people like one strain and just mix different veins. Others prefer the combined effects of different strains and different leaves. Lastly, consumers may mix different strains of the same vein type.

This probably sounds confusing and experimenting with expensive kratom powders may discourage thrifty shoppers. That is one of the reasons why pre-mixed strains are so popular – the retailer takes the guesswork out of mixing.

Additionally, the kratom alternatives for sale make this a very appealing retailer. For example, Akuamma seeds are a popular plant for medicinal needs as they are a natural painkiller.

Akuamma seed effects are similar to kratom. But, they are much milder without uncomfortable side-effects.

Having this alternative available may invite repeat customers. Especially if someone found that kratom was not the right solution for them. In this way, it is still one-stop shopping at a retailer that is already familiar to them.

Furthermore, TKS also has a very helpful and responsive customer service team. Customers who have questions receive prompt answers to any question that may pop up. This extra mile goes a long way to easing some anxiety about buying supplements online.

Lastly, what customers receive is potent and that is what makes TKS a great retailer.

Buying kratom can stress the bank account so potency is very important. And, because their product is potent, it takes less dosage to receive the same effects as powders from other retailers.


Kratom Syndicate may not be for everyone, or, they may not offer exactly what someone needs. There are other comparable retailers available online, too. Here are a few alternative kratom retailers available online.

First, if quality and responsive customer service is important, Sacred Kratom may be the solution. Their quality is guaranteed for any extract or powder purchased. But, one of their main features is their kratom capsule offering. The capsules are pre-measured doses. These are perfect for people on the go, as it’s easier to mix strains while traveling.

However, Sacred Kratom only offers the capsule format for 4 strains: Borneo White and Red, Maeng Da, and Bali. They are a bit expensive but they are also very convenient.

In addition, for those consumers who want their kratom in the form of crushed leaf, Kraken Kratom may be an option. This retailer offers a good solution for consumers who prefer to make kratom tea from leaves.

Kraken also sells tea capsule strains. These capsules are convenient for consumers who don’t want to measure out their own doses but they are also expensive.

Lastly, customers who have additional plant supplement needs may want to look into PhytoExtractum. Their kratom products include leaf and powder products. But, they also have liquid extracts and capsules available.

Their capsule selection is relatively limited in comparison to other retailers. But, they also sell empty capsules so consumers can easily mix and pack their own kratom favorites.

In addition, they offer more products for customers with holistic needs. Alternative supplements such as kava kava are just one example of what’s available. Anyone shopping for products such as incense and essential oils will be happy to find these products here too.


Kratom Syndicate offers high-quality kratom at a relatively low price. They also offer kratom alternatives as well as generous discounts and coupons for their repeat customers.

However, some customers may have different preference and needs or may be looking for a kratom retailer selling crushed kratom leaves. In that case, both Kraken Kratom and PhytoExtractum are good alternatives. In addition, PhytoExtractum offers other holistic herbal extracts and accessories, too.

Finally, there is no one way to take or mix kratom. Prioritizing individual needs and matching them against the retailer offerings is a way to go. It is one of the best ways to narrow down your choices and pick your preferred kratom retailer.