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Most of the time, companies that distribute herbal solutions don’t spread themselves thin with too many choices. Phytoextractum is a different story. Their website contains just about everything you could want for cooking with exotic flavors, changing your mood, dealing with pain, and even growing your own plants.

Phytoextractum – Kratom Vendor Review

Phytoextractum is a company that distributes a wide range of herbal products, oils, and media. They also have a solid selection of kratom strains, some of which are produced in-house and others which are distributed from trusted suppliers.

Who is This Brand for?

Phytoextractum is a seller that benefits people from all walks of life. If you like getting your orders quickly, then thsi vendor is definitely worth considering. The company does almost exclusively same-day shipping with discreet packaging.

You might also enjoy using Phytoextractum if you only do online shopping. If you like your anonymity it’s a good place to look for your favorite plant extracts, herbs, mushrooms, and teas as you can pay with bitcoin for everything.

The one downside? Although they sell a huge range of products they don’t do bulk sales. If you’re looking to place large orders this may not be the place to do it.

What Products Do They Sell?

Plant Extracts

Phytoextractum has an affordable and extensive collection of plant extracts. You can find a wide range of products from aloe vera extracts to yohimbe bark liquid extracts. Not all of them come in liquid form, of course. There are quite a few capsules and powders you can also order.

Plant Material

Dried and raw plant material is not something you can get easily, especially from the same company that already sells so many natural products. Phytoextractum makes them available in the form of dried leaves, powder, capsules, and seeds.


Phytoextractum doesn’t just sell coffee; it sells Kona coffee. The organic Kona coffee packages contain light roasts, medium roasts, espresso roasts, and dark roasts. It’s a great way to get the highly acclaimed Hawaiian coffee in your home.


Phytoextractum also sells many oil products. They have a good selection of exotic cooking oils and exotic massage oils. These products go through extensive testing to ensure nothing but natural oil extracts make it out of the manufacturing line.

Magazine Subscriptions

Phytoextractum offers users the opportunity to get their hands on the Dragibus quarterly magazine. If you want to be more involved in botany and the use of entheogenic plants, this is a must-have print. There is plenty of maintenance, cultivation, history, and usage information to turn you from amateur to experienced grower.


Sage, green tara, lavender, mimosa, musk, these are just a few of the incenses you can buy from Phytoextractum. There’s a wide range of combinations between herbal extracts and plant extracts to either change the odor in a room or enjoy the relaxing properties from the released smoke. There are also multiple accessories to go with them. You can buy bowls, lighters, candles, and soaps.


It wouldn’t be an herbal ecommerce site if it didn’t sell some kratom strains. The collection contains powder, extracts, capsules, and informative books. Given the rising popularity of kratom strains, Phytoextractum is always looking to add new strains on the menu in order to cater to more customers.


Mushrooms are still a taboo subject in most parts of the world. Still, Phytoextractum handles distribution of mushroom capsules, mushroom extracts, and mushroom powders with various bioactive nutrients.


Matcha and Yerba Mate are among the tea choices from Phytoextractum. Under the same section, you can find accessories such as containers and tea bags which you can use to create your own dosage and flavor.

Company Policies


You can opt for standard shipping or same-day shipping regardless of order size. Free shipping is also available when you meet a certain minimum order.

Payment Options

Phytoextractum offers credit card and bitcoin payment methods to all users. If you choose to make a purchase with bitcoins you also qualify for an automatic 10% discount regardless of the product.

Affiliate Program

Phytoextractum also offers enthusiasts to get involved and make some money. The affiliate program offers monetary rewards and reward points for referring customers. The reward points can be used to activate certain discounts on your own purchases.

Active Social Media Presence

If you want to stay up to date with new products, new uses, and new benefits discovered, Phytoextractum does that too. The company is active across multiple social media platforms and offers constant updates and not just on promotions.

Those platforms also serve as a way for customers to interact with each other. If you ever need some new ideas on how to combine your kratom powder, this might be a good place to look. Of course, if you’re not a big fan of social media you could always rely on the newsletter to keep you apprised of any updates.

Viable Alternatives

Phytoextractum has perhaps just one flaw; it doesn’t facilitate bulk orders. If that’s something you’re interested in then perhaps something such as Happy Hippo Herbals is better equipped to suit your needs. The company does plenty of wholesale orders on almost all of their kratom strains. They also offer substantial discounts to people who purchase large quantities of product.

There are also some other kratom strains to be found on Happy Hippo Herbals at least for the time being. If you’re quite particular about a strain and don’t need same day shipping then this might be your best alternative.

Final Thoughts

Phytoextractum is one of the best distributors of plants and natural extracts. Their collection of kratom, coffee, tea, oils, books, magazines, and other extracts can help with a wide range of issues. It doesn’t matter if you want something for recreational use or for pain relief. Chances are, it’s available here.

The fact that the company handles same-day shipping across most of the US is another massive bonus as there are very few companies which can accommodate this. The various payment methods and the affiliate programs only help to raise the bar even higher for future similar startups.

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