PurKratom vendor review

Purkratom is a Florida-based online vendor. Its mission is to provide high-quality kratom strains with different delivery methods. The vendor also makes it a point to educate people on the benefits of kratom and its potential to replace most opioids used on a daily basis.

Kratom is still legal in many countries and US states. People have just realized what farmers in Southeast Asia have known for centuries – natural products can be just as effective at dealing with common issues like chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety.

So how do you get your hands on kratom these days? The primary method is using an online vendor. There aren’t that many brick and mortar shops that bother selling it. In this article, we’ll take a look at Purkratom and how this vendor sets itself apart from others.

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Is This Provider For You?

The wide variety of kratom strains available on Purkratom is impressive.  Their products can be for anyone who’s dealing with mood swings, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of focus, and chronic pain.

You will also enjoy shopping on here if you don’t like being charged for shipping in the US. Those who don’t appreciate the taste of most kratom strains will also be satisfied that they offer capsules too.

It’s hard to think of a specific type of kratom user that won’t find what he needs on Purkratom. Maybe in terms of payment methods and deals, some will seek some alternatives.

Kratom Capsules

Why are kratom capsules all the rage? For one, capsules save you the dreadful experience of tasting the kratom. Some strains are quite pungent and no amount of milk, honey, or juice is able to mask the taste and odor. Capsules can be especially good for beginners.

Another reason why capsules are popular is the fast delivery method. Your body can absorb the kratom faster when it’s quickly ingested. This helps make even slow-acting kratom strains a bit more efficient.

The dosage is another factor. Not all kratom strains can be taken in the same dosages. The advantage of pre-made capsules is that experienced kratom users and manufacturers set the appropriate dosage for all strains.

New users no longer have to measure each gram and worry about if it’s too little or too much. And, even experienced users can benefit from taking capsules. Because the absorption is quicker, the capsule delivery method can come in handy once you build a resistance to kratom.

Kratom Powder

The powder kratom products are just as varied as their capsule counterparts. If you don’t have a problem with the taste or smell of kratom you can get powder just as easily. If you also like mixing different strains and managing your own dosages, kratom powder is recommended.


If you’re not sold on kratom but you still want something to help you sleep there’s an alternative. Purkratom also sells hemp extract in the form of capsules. There are two variants available, one for sleeping disorders and one for muscle and joint pain.

Payment and Shipping

You can purchase from Purkratom by using a credit card. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are accepted for any order. A notable absence is the cryptocurrency option. If you were hoping to use some virtual cash to get your kratom you’re out of luck here. PayPal is also missing from the list of payment methods.

When it comes to shipping, Purkratom is all about pleasing the customer. There are plenty of vendors that offer free shipping once you spend a certain amount of money. Purkratom does free US shipping without needing a minimum.

However, it’s hard to say if the shipping cost is included in the actual price of the products. Kratom prices vary a lot from vendor to vendor so there’s no way of truly knowing what’s what.

Website Responsiveness

The website is as simple as it gets. From the homepage, you’re able to scroll down and see the entire list of capsule and powder products. Each is shown in its own thumbnail.

The site is responsive even though the main page is filled with products. The one downside is that there’s no search function which lets you quickly zero in on your favorite strain or vein. You will have to look at every picture until you see what you want.

Deals and Promotions

There aren’t that many deals going on. Some vendors make it a point to offer coupons, rewards, and plenty of promotions all year round. That being said, Purkratom is popular and given the variety of kratom strains it offers, no one is turning away just because discounts don’t happen often.


As we said, if there’s one area where Purkratom could use an upgrade is the payment options. If you want to buy kratom by using bitcoin, then perhaps Happy Hippo Herbals is a better fit for you. They have a decent variety of kratom strains and they also offer plenty of discounts.

All bitcoin orders benefit from a standard discount regardless of the amount. Happy Hippo Herbals also has a search function on its website which can make it easier to narrow down your favorite kratom strain.


Purkratom is a good vendor if you’re looking for kratom in both capsule and powder form. They have an impressive strain variety. The website is responsive and while it doesn’t have a search function it’s not hard to find your favorite product. To top it all off, Purkratom also sells hemp extract and provides free shipping with no minimum.