sacred kratom vendor review

Sacred Kratom is a California-based distributor who sell different forms of kratom including extracts, powders and capsules. They offer various strains of this popular herb and guarantee the quality of their products.

They offer price-friendly “starter packs” for popular strains and have a reward system in place for registered members. Additional points can be received by reviewing purchased products.

This vendor offers international shipping in addition to domestic deliveries.

Sacred Kratom

This brand is great for anyone looking for the benefits of the kratom supplement shipped to their door. It’s even better if they live on the West Coast, especially California. Orders that are received before 2 p.m. are typically received the next day.

However, the price is not for the faint-hearted. Each purchase may not break the bank but it may add up quickly depending on how quickly someone goes through their supply.

Overview of Characteristics

Kratom is derived from an evergreen tree that is indigenous to Thailand. Its genus name is Mitragyna speciosa. But, the main focus is on the plant leaves, not the entire plant itself.

Folk remedy traditions included this plant for a variety of illnesses. It was used primarily by laborers, villagers, and peasants in Malaysia and Thailand who took it for different sicknesses, like diarrhea and intestinal infections. It may also have been used for muscle cramps and coughs, too.

Most notable, however, is its energy-boosting properties. Kratom is like a combination of energy drink and coffee. It gives its users a boost of focus and energy that is unlike either popular drinks.

Many kratom users ingest it the same way they would coffee – as an eye-opening way to start the morning and a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Kratom is also taken to enhance moods and many users say it helps with anxiety and depression.

However, there are no FDA-approved uses for kratom. Since the US has not recognized or approved kratom for internal use, Sacred Kratom is selling this herbal powder for “research purposes” only.

That being said, as mentioned before you can buy kratom from this retailer in three forms: extract, powder, and capsule.

Although Sacred Kratom sells different kratom strains, there are no indicators on their website regarding what each strain does. So, unfortunately, buyers need to have a good idea of what they are searching for when they visit the website.

Kratom generally has 3 effects: It can affect your mood; it may also reduce some physical pain; and lastly, it may stimulate the brain. The effectiveness of it depends on the dosage and individual’s tolerance. It may also depend on someone’s physical make-up too, like height and weight.

Determining the exact dosage may take some trial and error and varies from person to person. This is because there are different variables that may impact the plant’s effectiveness.

Sacred Kratom offers different weights for the most popular strains of red, white, and green kratom. For example, the powders are available in 1, 2, 4, and 8 oz. aluminum, air-tight pouches. Individuals may also purchase 1-pound bags, but this option may be slightly expensive. The “right” value depends on how much and how often someone uses the powder.

Furthermore, people may also buy kratom extract powders from Sacred Kratom. These powders have Kratom alkaloid additives. The extracts have 1500 mg of additives per 28g of leaf powder. But, they are only available in 5, 10, and 20g weights.

Lastly, this retailer offers capsule formats for 4 kratom strains: Borneo White, Borneo Red, Bali and Maeng Da. These are primarily for anyone who wants a portable option without worrying about measurements.

The capsules are measured out into individual doses and they are very convenient, especially for those who like to mix and match their doses. And, even better, there is no accidental waste of this expensive powder because the dosage is already measured out.


There are different online kratom sources available. And, though Sacred Kratom is a good source for kratom, it may not be appealing to everyone. If that is the case, there are other retailers such as the ones below.

For people who prefer leaves instead of powders to make their special kratom tea, Kraken Kratom sells crushed leaf products.

Additionally, they also sell liquid kratom extract that is mixed with water, which is equivalent to approximately 11.5 grams of leaf powder. Also, they accept bitcoin as a payment option, which is very convenient for customers who prefer to pay from their bitcoin wallet.

Another kratom source online is Kratom Exchange. This retailer offers some unique strains like Red Bentuangie. They also offer free samples for new customers. However, this online retailer only sells kratom in a powder format.


Sacred Kratom offers a good selection of popular strains. They also have it available in other forms too, so customers can choose the right size and type for their individual needs.

In addition, this retailer offers international shipping to many countries making it a good option for those who want to try kratom but can’t find it locally.  Many people even refer to them as the best kratom vendor right now.

However, every need may not be met with Sacred Kratom. For customers who prefer liquid extracts, they can try Kraken Kratom. Or, for hard-to-find strains, Kratom Exchange may be a better option.

Finally, kratom may be the newest herbal movement but finding a reputable source may be daunting. These suggestions may make that search that much easier and that much closer to getting kratom sent right to the front door.